EVOS Dlar Reignites Competitive Spirit After First and Only Series in MSC 2023

The intense battle for a spot in the semifinals of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023 has come to an exhilarating close. ONIC Esports emerged triumphant, displaying its dominance with an impressive 3-0 sweep against its opponents, EVOS Legends. While the result left the White Tigers disheartened as the first Indonesian team to exit the MSC 2023, it brought a surge of excitement for one of the team’s iconic substitute players, Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera. After months of being benched, Dlar expressed his exhilaration at finally stepping onto the grand stage and experiencing competitive gameplay. This unforgettable series rekindled his competitive spirit, and he is eagerly looking forward to seize more opportunities to showcase his skills in future tournaments.

Despite the lack of training, EVOS Dlar claims confidence and experience was all he had while on the MSC 2023 stage

Dlar, an iconic Filipino player in the Mobile Legends esports scene, recently opened up about his return to the grand stage. Despite facing a disappointing run, he revealed how this experience reignited his passion for esports. Dlar’s unwavering determination and love for the game shone through, proving that setbacks can serve as a powerful catalyst for renewed motivation.

“I’m very happy because I felt the heat on the stage once again and the fans were very supportive which motivated me to do my best and pour all my plays [in that series],” he said.

Dlar further added that his grand debut in the MSC 2023 was planned just a few days before EVOS Legends’ match against ONIC Esports.

“It was decided that if we lose on the first game, they would let me play and I was also given a chance to participate in scrims,” he explained.

The star Filipino import also revealed that he lacked training as EVOS Legends focused on improving its main lineup.

“About my performance, I lack a lot compared to other EXP Laners because they train everyday. All I had was my confidence, my experience, the trust in myself and my teammates,” Dlar said.

Although the defeat against a fellow Indonesian team was undoubtedly heartbreaking for the entire squad, Dlar managed to find solace in his personal journey.

Despite participating in only a single series before exiting the competition, he successfully reignited his fervent passion for esports. The limited opportunity to showcase his skills on the big stage only served to fuel his determination further, leaving an indelible mark on his unwavering commitment to the game.

“My hunger for being competitive has returned. I’m so happy because I learned and experienced a lot. Even if it’s just one series, ONIC gave me a huge motivation,” he said.

Dlar shares motivation for pursuing career under EVOS Legends

Following his entry into EVOS Legends, Dlar’s appearances on the competitive stage became less frequent, as he transitioned towards content creation and livestreaming. Despite this shift, the pro player has openly expressed some discontent with his current path. 

However, driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards his family, Dlar continues to forge ahead, persevering in his endeavors. While the circumstances may not align perfectly with his aspirations, his unwavering commitment to support his loved ones propels him to push forward in the pursuit of a brighter future.

“To be honest, I’m not enjoying it much but I’m keeping the status quo because I need to work, for my family,” he shared.

He added that “no matter what the coaches decide, whatever the decision of EVOS, I need to keep going, I can’t stop now.”

Dlar stands out as one of the brightest talents in the competitive Mobile Legends esports scene. Having previously showcased his skills as a member of ONIC Philippines (PH), he has consistently demonstrated the ability to make impactful plays and guide his team towards triumph.

As Dlar’s long-dormant potential resurfaces in the MSC 2023, it becomes a fascinating prospect to witness how EVOS Legends will harness the expertise of this experienced EXP Laner in upcoming tournaments. With his proven track record and game-changing abilities, Dlar’s presence could significantly bolster the team’s chances of success, making him a key asset to watch out for in future competitions.