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EVOS Legends Coach Zeys Reveals Dlar’s Team Placement Next Season


EVOS Legends has made a ton of surprising changes to its team roster for both the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) and its Development League (MDL). Shortly after the conclusion of both the leagues’ seasonal events, the team’s head coach Bjorn “Zeys” Ong revealed three pro players shall be promoted back to the pro team. This was decided shortly after the trio delivered an excellent performance in the recently concluded MDL Indonesia (ID) Season 6. While EVOS Icon, the esports organization’s development team, only finished second place in the tournament, it was more than enough to impress the head coach and give the players another chance to play in the pro scene.

Three EVOS MDL players may be promoted to MPL roster

The performance of EVOS Icon was arguably much better than EVOS Legends’ performance in the second half of the MPL ID Season 10. According to Mirko, this may have been due to the without giving players enough time to build team chemistry.

The roster shuffle resulted in EVOS Legends finishing in 7th place in the MPL ID Season 10 regular season while EVOS Icon spearheaded itself to second place in the MDL ID Season 6. Following this, Coach Zeys revealed three players that are likely to get promoted to the pro scene after showing great performances in the development league.

Through a livestream, the head coach revealed that the trio Jabran “Branz” Wiloko, Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” Kamaruddin, Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera will be promoted back to the EVOS Legends team for the next MPL season.

“Next season will play Branz, Dlar, and Ferxiic in MPL? This is for sure,” stated Zeys.

Dlar’s demotion was one of the most controversial decisions taken by the team during the MPL ID Season 10. The team received backlash from fans as they believe in the Filipino import’s potential. However, the pro player was able to prove his worth during his first season under EVOS Icon.

It will be interesting to see EVOS Legends’ new and improved roster for the MPL ID Season 11.

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