Exclusive offer: Save up to $50 on Ting Mobile’s premium plans for a limited time


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Ting Mobile’s already known for offering fast, reliable service without the Big Carrier price tag, but to help kick off the new school year, their plans are even more affordable for students, parents, and even Joe Schmoe down the block. From now through Sunday, September 5, you can save $5 a month for the next five months — plus an additional $25 exclusively for Android Police readers — on most Ting Mobile plans.

First, let’s get the specifics out of the way. This offer is valid for all Ting Mobile plans excluding Flex. So you can save $5 a month for five months on these plans, cutting prices down to the following:

  • Ting Set 5 with 5GB of data — $20 per month for five months
  • Ting Set 12 with 12GB of data — $30 per month for five months
  • Ting Unlimited with 22GB of data — $40 per month for five months
  • Ting Unlimited Pro with 35GB of data — $55 per month for five months

By itself, this deal’s already worth considering (Who wouldn’t want to pay less for affordable service?), but it gets even better if you’re an Android Police reader (lucky you). When you sign up for a Ting Mobile plan using this exclusive link, you’ll receive an additional $25 credit to be put toward your Ting Mobile bill.

So to recap: You can save $5 a month for five months on Ting Mobile’s top tier plans, plus get an extra $25 in your account. That’s a total savings of $50 for fast, reliable LTE + 5G coverage powered by the nation’s pricier Big Carriers.

Which Ting Mobile plan should you choose?

Okay, you know how much you can save. Now you’re probably wondering which plan to pick. While you really can’t go wrong with any of them, the Set 12 plan offers the best bang for your buck.

Why? Well, according to Ting Mobile, the average smartphone owner comfortably consumes 12 gigabytes of data per month without needing to change their usage habits — precisely the amount of data that comes with a Set 12 plan. For reference, 12 gigabytes are enough to stream 120 hours of music or watch 48 hours of video content with no breaks.

And if you sign up for a Set 12 plan and find out that you don’t use that much data, you can always downgrade your plan to an even more affordable option with no fees or pesky contracts to get in your way. Regardless of which option you choose, you won’t pay more for data you don’t use.

How to switch to Ting Mobile

ap resize.php?src=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.androidpolice.com%2Fwp content%2Fuploads%2F2021%2F07%2F29%2FHow to Switch to Ting Mobile Hero

Alright, you’ve got your savings squared away, and you’ve picked your plan. The only thing left to do is switch to Ting Mobile. To help guide you through the process — including how to check your area’s service coverage, see if your current phone is compatible with Ting Mobile, and how to get your $1 SIM card — we’ve put together this nifty article here. And if you run into any trouble along the way, or if you just have questions about Ting Mobile’s service, their responsive customer care team is available to help.

Remember, Ting Mobile’s special $5-off-per-month-for-the-next-five-months promo is only valid through Sunday, September 5, — just in time for back to school season — so you’ll need to sign up soon. Even if you miss this deal, though, Android Police readers can still receive a $25 credit by signing up at this link indefinitely.

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