Fact Check: Is PUBG New State also banned in India?

New State Mobile, previously called PUBG New State, has garnered lots of attention post the BGMI ban in India. Set in the same universe as PUBG Mobile, it is far superior in terms of visual quality, controls, customizations, advanced gameplay features, and more.

However, as PUBG Mobile and BGMI are banned in India, fans are curious about New State Mobile’s availability. Players have even questioned whether PUBG New State has been banned in India or not due to its links to PUBG Studios, Krafton, and the massively popular game, PUBG Mobile.

New State Mobile, aka PUBG New State, is still available in India as of August 2022

A nice bump in searches for Apex Mobile following the BGMI ban, but New State sees a MASSIVE spikeWhich mobile BR is your go-to?

As mentioned earlier, New State Mobile shares its origins with PUBG Mobile and BGMI. All titles are backed by Krafton/Tencent, allegedly collecting sensitive user data and sharing it with their China servers.

Therefore, it is natural for most users to get confused regarding any ban on New State Mobile. However, as of August 2022, the BR game is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Moreover, there haven’t been any announcements regarding any bans.

Hence, it is safe to say that New State Mobile, aka PUBG New State, has not been banned in India.

About BGMI ban in India

For the unversed, BGMI was supposed to be a replacement for PUBG Mobile India, as the latter was banned in September 2022 due to national security reasons. However, Battlegrounds Mobile India itself came under scrutiny from the Indian government due to the unauthorized sharing of user data outside the country.

Although the data sourcing to the China server was a mere allegation, the Government of India acted upon it. It issued the order for the removal of Battlegrounds Mobile India from the Play Store and App Store. On 28 July, the game suddenly disappeared from both applications.

On 29 July, various reports by several publications confirmed the news of the BGMI ban, and the reason was confirmed to be national security. In the following days, Krafton released an official statement on the matter, while a government official also revealed much about the ban.

Since the suspension, games like New State Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile have seen a decent jump in their numbers. Both titles are among the best battle royale games available on the Play Store and App Store.

However, there are other options that users should consider after the BGMI ban:

  1. Free Fire MAX (For a strategy-based BR gameplay on mid-range devices)
  2. COD Mobile (High-end and immersive FPS/TPS gaming experience for the fans of multiplayer shooters)
  3. Farlight 84 (An impressive fast-paced BR tactical shooter)
  4. FFVII The First Soldier (A BR game with RPG elements)
  5. Modern Combat 5 (A campaign-based tactical shooter)

All the games are available in the Play Store and offer different features, which may excite the fans.


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