Fact Check: Is The Callisto Protocol a part of the PUBG universe?

The Callisto protocol has nothing to do with PUBG (Image via Krafton and The Callisto Protocol)

The latest horror-survival game, The Callisto Protocol, has officially been released, and there are a lot of things that fans are enjoying about it.

While the gameplay and other narrative aspects of the title have kept the community hooked, some players are a bit curious about the universe in which the story of The Callisto Protocol is set.

Many are wondering if the game is set in the PUBG universe or if the two are related in any way. The short answer to this is “No!”, as The Callisto Protocol, as it stands today, has nothing to do with the battle royale title’s universe.

While the developers at Striking Distance Studios had initially announced that the horror-survival game was supposed to be a part of the ambitious PUBG interconnected universe, the plan was soon abandoned.

As such, the horror-survival offering has become its own game and does not have anything to do with the incredibly popular battle royale title.

The Callisto Protocol was set to be a part of PUBG universe but plans changed


As mentioned, The Callisto Protocol really has nothing to do with PUBG or any other version of the battle royale IP. It was separated from the universe because the team at Striking Distance did not want to continue with Krafton in developing their title.

In earlier interviews, the developers also stated that their connection with Krafton has become “disingenuous” and that they will be looking to create the game as a stand-alone IP with an entirely different universe of its own.

As for Easter Eggs, there aren’t any in the game that might refer to PUBG in any way, at least, there isn’t one that the players or the community have reported about so far.


Striking Distance founder Glen Schofield also stated once in an interview:

“But the truth is, as we’re making it, we’re going farther away. Marketing or PR, whatever that gave us, it felt better just to be on its own. We didn’t talk about sales, we just talked about what felt right.”

The developers at Striking Distance felt that their game was something that would do better as a stand-alone title away from the PUBG universe. Hence, while The Callisto Protocol was originally supposed to be a set wherein the shooter was, the creative differences between the developers led to the survival-horror game having it’s very own full-fledged world.

In the game, players will get to pilot James Lee, who is an inmate in Black Iron Prison on the moon, and the objective will be to survive the hordes of enemies with him.

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