Fairy Tail and Edens Zero Creator Hiro Mashima Reveals New Manga Is in the Works

Those who follow mangaka Hiro Mashima’s work will be delighted to hear that the author and artist is working on a new manga series. Mashima, who is known for his work on popular series such as Fairy Tail, Rave Master, and Edens Zero, shared the news with fans on a Twitter Spaces session.

According to Mashima, the new manga will be published monthly and will be serialized in a magazine he has not previously worked with. The artist also teased that the series will feature characters that are unlike any he has created before, with the hero and heroine being “completely different” from what fans are used to seeing.

Although details about the story and release date for the new manga are currently unknown, Mashima assured fans that it will be a “short serialization” and will offer a good challenge for him as an artist. He added that some of his current fans may not necessarily like the characters, but he is excited to try something new and unique.

In the meantime, Mashima is also working on the ongoing publication of Edens Zero and Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest manga. The final act of Edens Zero is expected to begin this year, while Natsu and Lucy are set to embark on a new arc in the Fairy Tail sequel. Edens Zero Season 2 anime is set to come out this year, and an anime adaptation of Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest is also announced.


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