Falcon Esports Officially Releases Entire MLBB Roster

Falcon Esports, a prominent and well-respected organization in the Myanmar Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene, has made the difficult decision to officially release its players. In a heartfelt message, the organization expressed deep appreciation for the time spent together and extended its best wishes for the players’ future endeavors. Interestingly, this unfortunate event had been hinted at by the squad during the 32nd Southeast Asia Game MLBB Men’s event, where they referred to the tournament as their “last dance.” The specific reasons for Falcon Esports parting ways with its players have yet to be revealed, leaving fans and the community eagerly awaiting further information.

Falcon Esports disbands MLBB roster

Falcon Esports has made an unexpected announcement that has left fans and the Mobile Legends community in shock. After two years of intense competition and unforgettable moments, Falcon Esports has decided to release its Mobile Legends players.

“Thanks for everything, Falcons. Two years have passed and now it’s time to say goodbye,” Falcon Esports stated in their official announcement. 

Despite the relatively short duration of their partnership, the bond formed between the organization and its players was undeniably strong. The memories made during this period will forever be cherished by both the players and Falcon Esports’ dedicated fanbase.

Why Falcon Esports released its MLBB roster?

The disbanding of Falcon Esports’ Mobile Legends team has raised many questions within the community. Fans are left wondering about the organization’s future plans for Mobile Legends, and if they will rebuild their roster or shift their focus to other games. However, Falcon Esports has yet to reveal any specific details regarding its next steps, leaving the supporters eagerly anticipating future announcements.

The unexpected release of Falcon Esports’ players has left fans speculating about the underlying reasons behind this decision. According to a report from Esports Indonesia (ID), Falcon Esports’ Pyae “Kenn” Ko provided a glimpse of how hard life was back in the Myanmar Bootcamp.

“The situation is getting worse, there is no electricity there,” said Kenn.

The professional player further provided insights into the discussions surrounding the future of the esports team, emphasizing that they had carefully deliberated on the matter. Expressing their sentiment, the player stated,  “In the end, we decided that this would be our last dance.”

The decision to release the Mobile Legends players marks a significant turning point for Falcon Esports. While the organization may be parting ways with its talented roster, it could also be an opportunity for both sides to explore new horizons and pursue fresh challenges. Falcon Esports expressed its sincerest well wishes to each individual, emphasizing hope that they will find success in any path they choose.

The Mobile Legends scene has seen incredible growth in recent years, with numerous teams competing at the highest level. Falcon Esports’ presence in the professional arena has always been notable, and its departure from the Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) scene leaves a void that will undoubtedly be felt by fans and competitors alike. Nevertheless, the competitive gaming industry is dynamic, and change is an inherent part of its nature. As Falcon Esports turns a new page, new opportunities may arise for both the organization and its former players.