Fans disappointed after Krafton provides no updates on BGMI ban

There hasn't been any news from Krafton recently regarding BGMI's status in the country (Image via Krafton)

The Government of India imposed a ban on BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) on 28 July 2022. The sudden ban was related to national security, and the popular game met the same fate as PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire.

The last update from Krafton, BGMI’s publisher and developer, came on 30 July 2022, when they released a statement online. The publisher’s response reassured Indian players and declined any allegations of unauthorized data sourcing.

However, it has been over three weeks, and Krafton is yet to provide any significant updates on the matter. Although some sources suggest that the South Korean publishers have been in discussions with concerned authorities, the absence of any updates has concerned Indian gamers.

Fans are worried about the prohibition on BGMI as publishers are yet to provide an unban date

Krafton's official statement regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India's ban was released on 30 July 2022 (Image via Krafton)
Krafton’s official statement regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India’s ban was released on 30 July 2022 (Image via Krafton)

The future of Battlegrounds Mobile India is uncertain as the government has imposed a ban under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. According to sources, the game’s Indian servers allegedly interacted with the servers in China and shared sensitive user data.

Although Krafton has indicated a desire to comply with the country’s laws and regulations, including the ones that revolve around data protection, they haven’t provided many details about the ongoing dialogue with the government. Thus, fans are growing restless with Krafton’s approach.

Here are some of the reactions from fans, many of whom are either criticizing Krafton or demanding the repeal of the ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India:

What I think about the BGMI situation right now.It will still take days for us to know whether the ban will continue, or will the game will be back.12th Aug, Krafton CEO talked about the suspension and said they will work with the govt. Which clearly means they haven’t yet.

When will Bgmi unban 🤔A lot of players are waiting for this news to be clearIsn’t krafton doing anything regarding this matter

@Kullthegreat If New State become popular like bgmi it will also get ban or removed because branding of Krafton … Krafton should give update about bgmi whats going on ..Is any BGMI unbanned date or hint ?

As a BGMI esports athlete, I’m really concerned about the future of this game. I really want the people at Krafton to provide us with any update about this uncertainty. What’s next for all of us is a big question | #battlegroundmobileindiaIndia #India

There is still no official announcement or statement from the government as to why BGMI has been removed from the play store and App Store I think something fishy is going on over here and krafton should be answerable not the government.

I heard the news on yt that government will unban PUBG MOBILE back again, So @KRAFTON is the company gonna make changes in bgmi to release again on playstore instead of PUBG MOBILE?

@Kullthegreat Indian games like faug we don’t want we all want only bgmi or pubg plz government and krafton kuch to karo carrer khatre me h underdogs ka

@GHATAK_official What I don’t understand is that Why the data is being sent to China ?? krafton id is the owner of BGMI so why do u have any relation with China ?Ab to lag raha hai ki Global Matchmaking kabhi nahi ho payegi

@mastergaming888 @Kullthegreat They can’t make BGMI like New State. BGMI still under Tencent and Krafton didn’t make it while New State is fully Krafton

Please support gaming community please unban pubg lite #Krafton #gamingcommunity please unban pubg lite we want bgmi lite

@RushindraSinha BGMI scene in India is big because Krafton is making the efforts like proper ecosystem also millions of people love this game and have a connection. It all depends on the publishers and their thoughts on eSports

@Kullthegreat @NEWSTATEMOBILE @NEWSTATE_DEV BGMI will return after a month or two, so why would krafton promote NS for such a short period of time, obviously they don’t want bgmi to lose it’s hype, consequently they won’t invest or commit in NS for sure

Due to the uncertainty regarding the game’s future, many fake unban dates have been making rounds on the internet. This has players confused about the game’s status in the country.

However, players should note that Krafton has yet to reveal any new information, and it appears that the government has indefinitely banned BGMI. So fans should remain skeptical of any unofficial information regarding the game’s return.

Readers can take a look at the official statement by Krafton via the tweet given below:

BGMI servers are still active and Royale Pass Month 14 was released a few days ago (Image via Krafton)
BGMI servers are still active and Royale Pass Month 14 was released a few days ago (Image via Krafton)

Interestingly, the Battlegrounds Mobile India servers are still active, and fans continue to play their favorite game modes. Moreover, one can also download content and purchase the brand new Royale Pass M14 (if their account has enough UC). However, due to the suspension of Google Play services, players cannot buy UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee regarding the availability of BGMI servers in the future. Thus, it makes sense for gamers to switch to other BR shooters like New State Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, COD Mobile, and Farlight 84.

Readers can also make sure to follow future updates about the Battlegrounds Mobile India ban via Sportskeeda.

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