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FIFA 23’s Popularity Skyrockets as EA’s Last FIFA Title Racks Up Around 15.7 Billion Minutes of Gameplay


Electronic Arts is all set to provide a farewell unlike no other for its FIFA soccer franchise, which is set to change to FIFA Sports FC, as the series loses the elusive branding of the organization backing the world’s most popular sport next year.

This marks the end of a sensational run of 30 years, which saw the series grow leaps and bounds with its visuals, gameplay, and community. With FIFA 23 being the last hurrah, EA has left no stone unturned at providing a brilliant experience for fans on consoles and PC.

And judging by the looks of things, EA might have outdone itself with FIFA 23, as fans are flocking hard towards the game just around a month after its release.

Play with your favorite teams and players on FIFA 23

EA has backed up its claims of the sports title being widely popular around the world, as players have logged in about 15.7 billion minutes of gameplay, which roughly translates to nearly 30,000 years-worth of football that has been played on the latest iteration of the series.

The record-shattering launch of FIFA 23 has seen the game being played by around 10.3 million users on various platforms, who have contributed to nearly 1.7 billion games across 200+ nations. Furthermore, they have also sharpened their shooting boots as well, as these players have scored close to 4.3 billion goals in these matches.

And the popularity might not stop anytime soon, with reports about a potential return of the long-awaited World Cup modes that will take place simultaneously alongside the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and you should expect to see some of the biggest names of the game including Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. and many others shine in the game that the world calls football.

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