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Finalmouse Keyboard Prototype Leaks Out Revealing Built-In Display With Interactive Skins and More


Leaks of an upcoming Finalmouse keyboard suggests a major change in the way players look for their next gaming peripheral.

Shared by YouTuber Jake Lucky, the keyboard named Alpha Prototype comes with a variety of new technology that will blow minds of consumers. Finalmouse has since acknowledged the leak to be true by quote tweeting Lucky’s original tweet.

The leak showcases the Alpha Prototype’s main point of attraction in the in-built display. In the leaked video, users can clearly few fishes swimming through the keyboard as if it was a gaming monitor.

The leaks for the new Finalmouse keyboard reveal details like an in-house CPU and GPU that powers the peripheral. Furthermore, it has a glass module stack, and it has a polling rate of 8000 Hz.

With regards to the video being played on the keyboard, users can take interactive skins built on Unreal Engine 5 from platforms like Steam and many more.

While Finalmouse hasn’t revealed new details just yet, the company has confirmed that it will delve deeper into the Alpha Prototype on December 17.

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