Five Best SMGs to Use in BGMI

Just like other shooter games, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) also has a good collection of SMGs (Submachine Guns). These SMGs belong to a specific class of weapons designed for close to medium-range combat and are characterized by their high rate of fire, compact size, and moderate damage. SMGs offer versatility in gameplay as they excel in fast-paced engagements and also prove to be particularly effective in close-quarters combat scenarios. With BGMI boasting a variety of SMGs in-game, here are the top five SMGs which you can use to increase your and push your rank.

PP-19 Bizon:

The PP-19 Bizon is a distinctive SMG that stands out due to its remarkable feature: an enormous 53-round helical magazine. This unconventional design offers players the advantage of sustained fire without the need for frequent reloads, giving them a significant edge in intense firefights. With its 9mm ammunition and minimal recoil, the Bizon proves to be a devastating choice for engagements at close to medium ranges. It can further be enhanced with attachments such as a scope and muzzle. Notably, it boasts a rapid rate of fire at 76 and a respectable range of 33.


The UMP45 stands as another powerful contender in the realm of firearms, particularly in BGMI. This SMG is known for its reliability and versatility, as it utilizes .45 ACP ammunition. With its well-rounded performance at different ranges, it has gained significant popularity among BGMI players.

In terms of its stats, the UMP45 possesses a rate of fire of 65, ensuring a rapid succession of rounds. Additionally, it maintains a stability rating of 57, enabling players to maintain control over the weapon while firing. Furthermore, the UMP45 can be paired with multiple attachments to enhance its versatility and effectiveness in battle. These qualities make it highly adaptable to various combat scenarios, allowing players to customize it according to their preferences.


The Uzi is widely recognized for its remarkable handling and rapid rate of fire. This compact SMG is highly valued for its agility, making it particularly suitable for players with aggressive playstyles. It truly shines in close-quarters combat, thanks to its impressive rate of fire of 71 and stability rating of 67. However, it has a range rating of only 22 and utilizes 9mm ammunition. The Uzi’s firepower can be further enhanced by equipping attachments such as an extended magazine, a stock, and a muzzle.

Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun is a powerful SMG chambered in .45 ACP rounds and is renowned for its impressive damage output. To maximize its performance, players often equip it with various attachments such as a muzzle, magazine, foregrip, and scope, which enhance its base statistics. With a rate of fire of 60 and a stability rating of 48 (which may not be the highest among SMGs), it still remains formidable and can be managed with practice. One of its notable advantages is its reliable hip-fire accuracy, which makes it particularly lethal in fast-paced battles, enabling players to unleash a spray of bullets while on the move.


The Vector is a beast of an SMG in BGMI, known for its outstanding power and impressive rate of fire. Firing 9mm ammunition, it showcases remarkable stability that sets it apart. Its versatility is further enhanced by its ability to equip various attachments such as extended magazines and suppressors, making it even deadlier. When it comes to close-quarters combat, the Vector reigns supreme, swiftly eliminating enemies with unparalleled speed and precision. With a stability rating of 68, a rate of fire of 56, and a power of 31, the Vector stands tall as one of the most dominant weapons in its class.

In general, choosing the right SMG in BGMI depends on your personal preferences. Each SMG has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s essential to find the one that suits your gameplay style the best. Remember to practice and master the handling of your chosen SMG since it makes a significant difference in your performance on the battleground.