Five Games Indian Players Can Still Play Following BGMI and Free Fire Ban

India has banned Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) reportedly using a section of the Indian IT law, which includes section 69A that has provisions to allow the government to block access to content in the interest of national security. It is unknown if the game will be unbanned or if Krafton will be able to work out a solution with the Indian government. If you are looking for alternatives to BGMI while we wait for an official word from Krafton, here are five games that you can try out.

Free Fire Max by Garena was not banned in the previous ban wave which saw Free Fire being removed. Free Fire Max is an improved version of the popular battle royale with better graphics, gameplay, and more. The core gameplay remains the same across both titles and you can also migrate your Free Fire data to Free Fire Max without any issues.

But are there any downsides to moving to Free Fire Max? Yes. The biggest issue that players face is that the game is much more demanding than BGMI in terms of hardware requirements. You will need a powerful smartphone to run the game at a stable framerate.




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