Forspoken: Square Enix Offered 70 Percent Less to a Twitch Streamer Than Her Quote; The Game Gets a New Cinematic Trailer

Forspoken is scheduled to release on January 24, 2022, therefore preparations for the game have begun already. Square Enix has approached multiple content creators to produce content for Forspoken across the platforms they use. Out of all the creators they have approached, one of them has just come out to reveal some controversial details about the deal.

As spotted by Exputer, a streamer by the name of Milady Confetti has revealed details about her interaction with Square Enix regarding Forspoken content. It seems that Square Enix approached her to produce content for Forspoken, but when it came to the financial part of the deal, she was offered 70% lesser than what she originally quoted to them.

Confetti then tweeted out a statement by saying that she should have foreseen this situation with a game that has a “black woman” protagonist, but the writers consist of only “white people”. This Tweet can only be read by the followers of MiladyConfetti on the popular microblogging platform.

She also released a YouTube video regarding the situation. In the video, she has stated that she will not be supporting the game, even though this game features a “black woman”. She then spoke about her experience when meeting the writers. According to her, there were no “black writers” that she could see in the room. Check out the video below, she explains in depth about the situation.

Forspoken Cinematic Trailer

In other news, players can find a Forspoken Cinematic Trailer on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. This video has been titled, “FIND YOUR FIGHT”, and it consists of only cinematic shots with no actual gameplay being shown. The video shows the lead character, Frey, getting over her fears and finding her true potential through various action sequences. Check out the video below:


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