Fortnite on iPhone: The battle royale game might return soon

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Fortnite on iPhone: The famous battle royale video game might return soon on iOS devices thanks to Nvidia. News is coming from the sources that Nvidia is working with the Epic Games to bring back the famous battle royale game “Fortnite” on iPhone. As we all know that the legal fight is going on between the Apple and Epic Games and Fortnite is not available on iOS devices. Apple restricted the game developer from the app store. But good news coming for the fans of Fortnite who use iOS devices.

While the tiff between Apple and Epic Games is a rather big one, Epic Games is now making an effort to get Fortnite back on iOS platforms. Fortnite will make a comeback on iOS platforms via Nvidia NOW, but its return as an app is a rather far-fetched dream. The whole tiff started when Epic Games came up with an in-game purchasing system for Fortnite on iOS devices, which Apple alleged went against the guidelines issued by them.

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Fortnite on iPhone: The famous battle royale video game might return soon on iOS devices thanks to Nvidia

Since its launch, Fortnite has never ceased to be talked about. Indeed, the famous video game created by Epic Games has become, in the space of a few years, one of the most popular productions of all time. Nowadays, thousands of players are found in the game in order to compete relentlessly. And if the latter is conquered by the production of the American company, it is for good reason.

According to the latest update posted online by News Monkey, good news coming for the fans. Nvidia notably announced that Fortnite should be back on iPhone soon from the Safari web browser. The latter does not seem « not subject to Apple requirements in terms of invoicing. We are working on setting up a touch version of Fortnite, which will delay the availability of the game.” according to Reuters. 

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