How to get Free Fire Advance Server activation code? 2024

Ever heard of the term activation code? Or do you  Wanna know about Free Fire Advance Server activation code? 

Huuh… Yes/No? 

Don’t worry we are here for you. You will know what the Free Fire Advance Server activation code is. How is ob31 connected with the activation code? We have provided a detailed view of all the requirements you need to know. 

Free Fire Advance Server activation code is a beta version of free fire which comes with upcoming features and benefits. Read the next section, we provided the whole information related to this one.

Free Fire Advance Server activation code can be accessed by registering in their advanced server known as Ob31 servers. This lets you log in and provide the code which will let you into the advanced features.  

That’s why read below about the ob31 servers first. 

What is the Ob31 server?

Ob31 servers are a huge deal for anyone who is involved in games.  The idea of getting server code excites players. As the limited number of players who have access to the premium features makes it much more precious and wanted. 

But why? 

If you are someone who has no idea what Ob31 servers and activation codes are then the next section is for you. And if you know then you can directly hop on the next section.

Ob31 servers provide access to upcoming features and benefits. For instance, Free Fire is planning to launch a new costume or even a new weapon. Players will have access to features before the launch of the particular features. So, besides this there are several benefits associated with it, below is the list.

This single benefit is associated with several advantages, a few of them are mentioned below : 

“Early access to features and weapons” 

  • You can practice with new weapons before everyone else. 
  • You are going to be more fluent with features. 
  • You can use the time to increase ranking while others are trying to adjust with updates. 

However, along with early access, you do have an opportunity to identify the bugs present in the particular features. Free fire developers already figured out the need to make this procedure competitive. When you identify the bug and suggest it to the team then you get rewards from the Free fire team.  Another wonderful opportunity!

Don’t let go of these little opportunities that make gaming fun and interesting.

This list will go on, as all benefits have a direct impact on your ranking. Move on to the next section to know what the procedure and method is. 

How to get Free Fire Advance Server activation code?

Free Fire Advance Server activation code can be obtained by various methods. Most popular and the only method is given below. Read the steps and guidelines carefully : 

Free Fire Advance Server activation code
Free Fire Advance Server activation code
  • Step 1: First of all, visit the Free Fire Advanced Servers. All you have to do is visit the link. When you click, a new page will pop up.
  • Step 2: The page requires the login details. You will have the option to log in via Facebook. Enter the required fields and login into the advanced servers.
  • Step 3: Now, will the basic details required to complete the profile. We were attentive while filling in the details. The server only requires basic details related to the account like what is name, number, and email. 
  • Step 4: Now you will see an option called “Join Now “, click on the button. 

That’s it, your registration is done. You will receive the activation code. Steps are easy and anyone can get an activation code through the method, well, things don’t work like this here. 

Even after successfully joining the servers there is a possibility that you will not receive the code. Why?

Here’s the answer! Read the next section. 

Activation Code is available for the limited player?

Technically Yes!! The activation code is available for limited players. After following the whole procedure there are chances you will not get the code. 

Advanced servers have a limited number of enrollment available. If you enrolled at the right time then only you will get a code. 

The developer’s statement says ” if you haven’t received the activation code, wait for a response from our end “. 

The possibility of getting a code is seldom, all you can do is visit the website at the right and avail of the offer at right time. 

What are the latest changes in Ob31 servers? 

The last server update bought numerous changes in features among specifications. Here we are going to discuss the same. 

All the updates mentioned here are as per the maintenance break that started from 1 December at 9.30 am IST (GMT +5:30) to 1 December at 6.30 pm IST (GMT +5:30).

Below is the list of updates you must be witnessing right now : 

  • There are several modifications in Lone Wolf. You will witness various changes in the bundle. 
  • There are changes in weapons, armor, and bundles. You check the changes by checking each bundle manually. 
  • Another important change is adjustments in armor. You will notice various armor with changed designs and enchantments. 
  • Changes in pin makers, there are numerous changes in the pin market. If you wanna know in detail,  visit the Fee Fire via advanced servers.  

Though the Free Fire update is for the betterment of the game any update takes time to manage and stabilize the process. You may find it difficult to engage with the new version. Don’t lose hope and version is for the betterment and you will witness that by yourself. 

The list of changes is long and with time numbers are going to increase. So, continue with the further article. 


Getting Free Fire Advance Server activation is the huge task itself. First, wait for the right time to apply then wait for a response from their end. 

And after that, you will have access to the advanced features. Anyone can register and can play with advanced testing features. A lot of players are enjoying the features and now it’s your turn. Register and take advantage now!

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