Free Fire Bundle Top Seven Best Bundles In Free Fire 2023

Free Fire Bundle : Top Seven Best Bundles In Free Fire 2021

Free Fire Bundle criminal bundle free fire: Which bundle is best for free fire?  Tough question, isn’t it? It’s difficult to choose between the most beautiful and elegant bundles available on the free fire. Free Fire is setting a legacy by launching new bundles. And yet, people love the older ones. Older ones are getting better and gaining popularity as their period lengthens.

Let’s see which one is the most used and most popular. How can a theme create miraculous results in a game? Read below.

Bundles refer to the accessories items available to enhance the players’ looks. Items like dress code, character, outfit theme, and skin adjustments according to requirements. The Bundle also includes a weapons makeover and makes them similar to outfits. Free Fire has already released exciting and enticing bundles. We are going to talk about the top ones.

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Here in this section, we are going to learn about the following: Free Fire:

The Top Seven Free Fire Bundle

  • Bloodlust Mistress Bundle
  • Kings’ Sword Bundle:
  • The Sexy Bunny Bundle 
  • The Colossus Pack
  • Night Clown Bundle 5
  • Bundle of Golden Bells
  • Empress Divine Bundle

The Golden Bell Bundle

Free Fire Bundle :The Golden Bell Bundle

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The Golden Bell Bundle is based on a ” Zombie ” theme. These are based on Chinese Zombie characters, which symbolize evil spirits and also create a sense of danger.

The Golden Bell Bundle was released in 2018, after Halloween celebrations. You can wear the Golden Bell as a Halloween costume.

If you are a fan of dark and deep themes, then you should try out Golden Bell. The craze for psychology is skyrocketing, so anything related to grief instantly attracts young people. Without a doubt, this is one of the best bundles available.

The Colossus Bundle

Colossus Bundle

Are you a fan of Iron Man? Or Batman? 

You must be, even if you are not. Iron Man’s suit and Batman’s suit must have attracted you at least once. Their metallic suits have a different place in the hearts of people.

The Colossus Bundle is a kind of armor, or you can call it a suit. Just like Iron Man’s suits, this site also includes futuristic features and power armor. This bundle covers the player from top to bottom, which gives powerful vibes and a strong impression.

Purchase Colossus when you are a fan of fancy armor suits.

Empress Divine Bundle

The Empress Divine Bundle is a step ahead of other bundles. The player will have a look at the Knight of Britain.

To give you the proper Knight look, they include gloves, a helmet, and all the other equipment they wear. All the items give a perfect look.

Colossus and Empress may sound similar, but both are entirely different. They are different in color and theme. Both the eras are different, which results in a totally new bundle.

If you are interested in mythology, history, and wars, you can purchase this bundle.No doubt, the knight look will create the image of a powerful player.

Star General Bundle

Star General Bundle

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How many of you love franchises like Star Trek or Star Wars?

Maybe none of you know about these movies, but you will still love this bundle. This suit is based on a starship captain look. The theme is filled with purple and grey colors with golden cutting. This bundle was launched in 2019. One of the more popular features is the police hat. 

Try this one if the sun, moon, star, planet, and space fascinate you. The whole theme will give you a different vibe. The Captain appears to have a different persona in the game.

Night Clown Bundle

Night Clown Bundle

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Any Joker fans here? Well, who doesn’t like the Joker? This bundle is inspired by the Joker’s look, the makeup, and even the dress. Every feature matches the joker’s personality.

The Night Clown is jaw-dropping. You must try it if you love the Joker. The features of the bundle are eye-catching, as are the color combination shades, and even the clown’s makeup is top-notch. The devious face with a grim smile takes all the charm. 

Kings’ Sword Bundle

Kings’ Sword Bundle

The King’s Sword Bundle is usually yellow and a combination of combinations. This amalgamation is unique with added features. The player will have the look of a king with heavy armor and a suit. The grey color creates a sense of calm. The characters have additional features like masks, tops, bottoms, and shoes.

King Sword’s bundle is as powerful as other armor suits. Even this bundle looks fabulous from tip to bottom. The entire bundle is filled with bright and shiny colors. Go with this one. The color combination is eye-pleasing.

Bloodlust Mistress Bundle

Free Fire Bundle : Top Seven Best Bundles In Free Fire 2021
Bloodlust Mistress Bundle

Diamond Royal’s ” Bloodlust Mistress” is one of the elegant and most powerful characters in the game. The character’s tagline, “Desire to Kill,” perfectly suits the personality and traits of the person.

The common traits are red-colored costumes with short hair, both for female and male characters. The red and black theme gives a different impression of the player. The overall presentation is stunning and elite. 

This is the sexiest costume we’ve ever seen. Just see the character and you will fall in love with the Bloodlust Mistress.

Free Fire’s popularity spiked after the pubg ban, till now it’s been more than a year.

Browse through our website to find out about new tricks and hacks to increase your income. With the rise in popularity, features and outfits also increased. The number of new releases is increasing exponentially, and tracking all the new updates isn’t easy.

We always keep you updated regarding PUBG, Free Fire, and all the news in the gaming industry. Follow us for the latest news!

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