Free Fire Leak Suggests 6th Anniversary 100% Bonus Top-Up Event Coming Soon

Top-Up events are a regular feature in Free Fire, and players eagerly anticipate the latest addition. Recently, dataminers, including @venom.ofc_, leaked information about the upcoming “100% Bonus Top-Up” event. This event promises to grant players free diamonds upon purchasing a certain number of diamonds.

Event Dates and Eligible Servers

According to the leaked post by @venom.ofc_, the 100% Bonus Top-Up event will be an Anniversary special, taking place between 25th to 31st July. It will be accessible for players on the India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers.

Diamond Reimbursement: Though specific details about the event are yet to be revealed, players can expect to receive up to 1000 diamonds, which has been the case in previous editions of this event.

Proceed with Caution: Since this information is based on leaks, players are advised to approach it with caution. They should wait for an official confirmation from Garena before getting too excited. However, past experiences suggest that leaks from dataminers are often accurate, so players can likely anticipate the 100% Bonus Top-Up event in the near future.

Free Fire players have some exciting times ahead with the leaked 100% Bonus Top-Up event, providing an excellent opportunity to acquire free diamonds. Remember to keep an eye out for official announcements, and make the most of simultaneous ongoing events to maximize rewards. Happy gaming!

More Ways to Earn Diamonds in Free Fire

Players can acquire diamonds in Free Fire through several methods, including:

  1. Purchasing: The primary way to obtain diamonds is by purchasing them using real money. Players can buy different denominations of diamonds through in-app purchases.

  2. Events and Rewards: Occasionally, Free Fire offers events and rewards that grant players free diamonds upon completion. These events may involve participating in certain game modes, completing specific missions, or achieving milestones.

  3. Elite Pass: The Elite Pass is a premium feature in Free Fire that offers additional rewards and exclusive items to players who purchase it. It often includes diamonds as part of the rewards.