Free Fire Leaks Reveal Detailed Look at Demon Slayer Bundles and Emotes

The recent launch of the Free Fire OB41 update has brought a wave of fresh content to the game, introducing new features and collectibles to the battle royale experience. As players delve into the new patch, the community of leakers is also thriving, sharing numerous previews of upcoming in-game items that players can expect to encounter in the near future.

Macbruh FF, a well-known figure who provides details about events and items before their official release, has taken to various platforms to share videos showcasing upcoming Free Fire bundles, weapon skins, and emotes. These early glimpses provide players with insight into the exciting additions that await them. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Upcoming Free Fire Bundles, Weapon Skins, and Emotes

The leaks of upcoming events or items often come from several data miners and leakers who have access to game data ahead of schedule. Recently, Macbruh FF has taken to their channel to share valuable information about upcoming Free Fire outfits, skins, and emotes.

Free Fire OB41 Bundles

Macbruh FF’s revelations give players a look at various upcoming bundles, weapon skins, and emotes. Among the bundles expected are:

Free Fire OB41 Emotes

In addition to bundles and skins, a range of emotes are on the horizon, including:

  • Inker the Storm emote

  • Water Breathing Tenth Form: Constant

  • Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunder

  • Water Breathing Sixth Form

  • Beast Breathing Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting

  • Flying Ink Sword

  • Diz My Popblaster

  • Dance Puppet, Dance

  • High Knees

  • Bony Fumes

  • Feel the Electricity

  • And more…

Free Fire OB41 Weapon Skins

Weapon enthusiasts can anticipate various new skins, such as:

  • SCAR – Zombie Attack

  • AK47 – Zombie Attack

  • M60 – Zombie Attack

  • M249 – Zombie Attack

  • MAC10 – Iron Iridescence

  • MAC10 – Silver Iridescence

  • MAC10 – Golden Iridescence

  • Pink Paw Swiper

  • AUG – Jelly Shot

  • Pan – Jelly Cooker

  • M60 – Reel Shooter

  • And more…

Availability and Caution

Although the specific acquisition methods and release dates for these skins have not been disclosed by the leakers, it is reasonable to assume that they will become available through sources like Booyah Pass, in-game events, Luck Royales, and other avenues. However, it is crucial to emphasize that the list of bundles, weapon skins, and emotes shared here are leaks and should be approached with caution. Garena may decide to introduce these items on some or all servers.