Free Fire Max 2022: Garena Free Fire Max Apk Download Link

Free Fire Max Garena Free Fire Max Free Fire Max Apk Download : Along with futuristic space ships, space suits, electronics industry has also been revolutionized in the last decade. Starting from small all 1 inch black and white display to 7 inches off touch screen oled display. The mobile phone industry is changing everyday. And habit of peoples to enjoy free time has also shifted to these mobile devices.

From listening songs, watching hours long movies, now you can also play well developed futuristic games on your devices saved in pockets. And in those games Free Fire Max by the company Garena, is one of the latest entry. As per the media reports free fire Max is currently available for only pre registration and it will be completely available to download on 29th of September 2021.

Free Fire Max

What is Free Fire Max game?

Finally in September 2021 Garena Announced that the enhanced version of highly popular game, free fire is going to launch in India on 29th of September 2021. And the new version will be named as pre fire Max game will be available on both of the platforms Android as well as apple iOS. It’s a Survival based game where you compete against 49 opponents in order to stay alive inside the safe zone. And in order to stay alive in the safe zone you can use vehicles to travel other than that you also have option to collect weapons and eliminate your opponent.

As per the official media release by the company new free fire Max game is supposed to have enhanced features like improved graphics, better quality of sound effects and impressive animations etc. 

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Free fire Max will be the upgraded premium version of the traditional game free fire which is already available to play on both Android app store and Apple iOS the upgraded premium version of the traditional game free fire which is already available to play on both Android app store and Apple iOS. 

How to play Free Fire max:

  1. In the game free fire you can play in three words single, duo, squad. And in each game there are total 50 players including you or your team.
  2. And you have to survive for 10 minutes against your opponents.
  3. In order to survive you have to stay in the safe zone. for your safety you can find weapons in order to eliminate your opponent.
  4. Once you are eliminated by your opponent your game will end.
  5. You can use vehicles in order to explore the vast map provided by the free fire.

Improvements in Free Fire Max

The latest free fire Max game which is the improved version of previous game named free fire, is going to have so many enhanced features listed below.

  1. now you can create build and share your own map in the new free fire Max game.
  2. A new one vs one Mode named Lone Wolf will be available soon.
  3. Brand new clash season 8 will begin soon.
  4. now players will be table 2 to request items from teammates in clash squad mod.
  5. Now there will be new weapon available named ac80 in all the mods.
  6. In the new free fire Max you will be able to do character balancing adjustment for Jota, Luqueta, Shani, Alvaro.
  7. A New option Drag to Run is added in the settings menu.

What is Firelink feature of Free Fire Max?

Now with the help of fire link you can login to your existing free fire account and play free fire Max without any issues. The brand new feature called fire link will save your progress and items in both of the games in real time.

Other than that now you will be able to all game modes with both free fire Max and free fire players together, no matter which application they use. 

In simple words if your friend is still using free fire and you have downloaded the new brand new feature loaded free fire Max unless any other game you both will be able to play together as a team mate. 

How to Download Free Fire Max Apk and Obb

Name of GameFree Fire Max
Name of FileFF Max APK+OBB File
Launched byGarena Free Fire
File Size1.04 GB

How can I pre register Free Fire Max In india?

As per the official reports and cross checking we are 100% sure that free fire Max in India is available for pre registration on Google Play store. but there is no information available regarding the Apple App store for the purposes of pre registration. kindly follow the steps given below for pre registration of free fire Max.

  1. In order to pre register you have to open the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. After opening the Google Play store now click on the search button and type “free fire Max”.
  3. In this window you will have to click on the pre register button and press submit.

After following these steps you will be pre registered for free fire Max India. Other than that the company has also Released official statement that players who are going to preregister the game will get cyber Max loot box for free.

However there is a limit one preregistration reward which is cyber Max loot box per account. And the reward for registering will be delivered in the game when the game is available to install.

What is Free Fire Max India release date?

As for the Garena did release date of free fire Max battle Royale in India and the global market is the same. On 28th of September 2021 the free fire match will be available on both of the platforms Google Play store and Apple App store at the same time. And the pre registration for the game free fire Max will end on September 27th 2021.

What are the requirements to play free fire max on Android Mobile?

device req

As per the official website of company Garena, you will be required to have at least 2 GB ram and 3GB of space on your Android smartphone to play free fire Max game seamlessly.

While for the Apple iOS the users who want to play free fire Max will be required to have iPhone 6s and above

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