Free Fire MAX July Top-up Event: Unlock Additional Diamonds and the Golden Bebop Bundle

Garena has unveiled an exciting July Top-Up event exclusively for Free Fire MAX players, offering them a chance to acquire extra diamonds and the coveted Golden Bebop Bundle. Unlike previous events, this event introduces a unique twist where players can obtain these rewards by purchasing in-game currency. The event spans a generous four-week period, granting players ample time to participate and reap the benefits.

Free Fire MAX July Top-Up Event: Dates, Rewards and Requirements

The highly anticipated July Top-Up event made its debut in Free Fire MAX on July 4, 2023, following the conclusion of the Koala Top-Up event. Unlike its predecessor, this event boasts an extended duration, remaining active until July 31, 2023. During this timeframe, players can fulfill the requirements and secure the rewards they desire.

Here are the event’s requirements and the corresponding free rewards:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds to receive an additional 100 diamonds for free.

  • Purchase 300 diamonds to unlock the Golden Bebop (Top) for free.

  • Purchase 500 diamonds to acquire the Golden Bebop (Shoes) for free.

  • Purchase 700 diamonds to obtain the Golden Bebop (Head) for free.

  • Purchase 1000 diamonds to claim the Golden Bebop (Bottom) for free.

It’s worth noting that these requirements are interconnected, meaning a single purchase of 1000 diamonds will grant players all the components of the stunning Golden Bebop outfit, in addition to 100 bonus diamonds.

Steps to claim additional diamonds and the Golden Bebop bundle

To partake in the July Top-Up event and secure the enticing rewards, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Access the top-up area of the game by clicking the designated icon located at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Peruse through the extensive range of packs available and choose the option that aligns with your desired rewards.

For players solely interested in acquiring additional diamonds, a top-up worth 100 diamonds will suffice. However, those aiming to obtain the complete Golden Bebop outfit should consider purchasing 1000 diamonds during the event period.

Step 3: Once the diamonds have been successfully added to your account, you become eligible to claim the event rewards. Simply navigate to the event section by clicking the corresponding option on the right side of your screen.

Step 4: Select the July Top-Up event under the 6th Anniversary tab and click the Claim button to receive your hard-earned rewards.

Upon claiming the diamonds, they will be promptly credited to your account, while the individual components of the exclusive Golden Bebop outfit will be showcased in your vault. Enjoy your newfound riches and flaunt your stylish new attire on the battlefield!