Free Fire MAX Luck Royale: Claim Mythos Fist and More Grand Prizes

Free Fire MAX introduces a new Moco Store, offering players the chance to win Mythos Fist and other exciting rewards. This Luck Royale allows you to have greater control over the items you want to obtain by spending diamonds to make spins.

New Moco Store Details

The new Moco Store featuring Mythos Fist and other rewards started on July 27, 2023, and will continue until August 9, 2023. Players can select one item from each category, Grand Prizes, and Bonus Prizes. Once selected, the choice cannot be changed.

Grand Prizes:

  1. Mythos Fist

  2. Flaming Fist

  3. Gloo Wall – Death Guardian

  4. Gloo Wall – Aqua Rogue

  5. Katana – Whirlwind Blade

  6. Night Scythe

Bonus Prizes:

  1. Rockie

  2. Buried Purpledust Backpack

  3. Warrior’s Loot

  4. Spider’s Curse

  5. Dreki

  6. Spikey Spine Loot Crate

Making Spins

Players need to make spins from a separate prize pool to receive their preferred items. The cost of spins increases with each spin:

  1. 1st spin – 9 diamonds

  2. 2nd spin – 19 diamonds

  3. 3rd spin – 49 diamonds

  4. 4th spin – 99 diamonds

  5. 5th spin – 199 diamonds

  6. 6th spin – 499 diamonds

The overall cost to obtain all items in the event would be 874 diamonds.

Steps to Get the Rewards

Follow these steps to get Mythos Fist and other rewards from the new Free Fire MAX Moco Store:

Step 1: Access the Moco Store

Step 2: Select Rewards

Step 3: Make Spins

  • Spend diamonds to make spins and receive rewards from the prize pool.

  • The first spin costs nine diamonds, and the price increases with each subsequent spin.

By following these steps, players can acquire exciting cosmetics and rewards from the newly added Moco Store in Free Fire MAX. Act quickly as the event is only available for a limited time until August 9, 2023. Good luck in obtaining Mythos Fist and other exclusive items!