Free Fire Max M1014 x M60 Event: How to Get Legendary Gun Skins

Garena has always put in efforts to ensure Free Fire Max is exciting and engaging for the players and the viewers of the game. There have been quite a few Ring themed events introduced to the game in the last couple of days. This event has also brought in two exclusive gun skins for the M1014 and the M60. Luck Royale can be used to obtain any of these skins.

Players can also exchange their previously acquired Universal Tokens for gun skins, cosmetics and more. The details for acquiring M1014 x M60 gun skins are given below.

Details about M1014 x M60 Gun Skins

The new gun skins for M1014 x M60 arrived in Free Fire Max on 4th August. They will be available for players for a period of 14 days from 4th August – 17th August.

Players can use Universal Tokens in exchange for the gun skins or they can use diamonds to spin and get the skins of their choice. Previously earned Universal Tokens can also be exchanged for skins.

Players will need to spend 20 diamonds for a spin to acquire their favorite skins.

Rewards with Free Fire Max M1014 x M60 Ring Event

In order to receive rewards players will have to spend diamonds in the game. Players can receive the following rewards:

  • M60 – Azure Stormbringer

  • M60 – Frost Sabertooth

  • M1014 – Apocalyptic Red

  • M1014 – Apocalyptic Gold

  • Universal Ring Token

  • 2x Universal Ring Tokens

  • 3x Universal Ring Tokens

  • 5x Universal Ring Tokens

  • 10x Universal Ring Tokens

Players also have an option to use Universal Tokens and exchange them for rewards. Some of the rewards players can obtain from the exchange section are as follows: 

  • M60 Azure Stormbringer – 225 Universal Tokens.

  • M1014 Apocalyptic Red – 225 Universal Tokens.

  • M1014 Apocalyptic Gold – 225 Universal Tokens.

  • M60 Frost Sabertooth – 200 Universal Tokens.

  • M60 Volcanic Whirlwind – 200 Universal Tokens

  • M1014 Apocalyptic Green – 200 Universal Tokens.

  • M60 Shadow Earthshaker – 175 Universal Tokens.

  • M1014 Apocalyptic Dark – 175 Universal Tokens.

  • Name Change Card – 40 Universal Tokens.

  • Room Card (1 Match) – 15 Universal Tokens.

  • Cube Fragment – 5 Universal Tokens.

Follow these Steps to get gun skins for M1014 & M60 from the new Ring Luck Royale

Step 1: Open the Luck Royale section in your account and select the M1014 x M60 event.

Step 2: In this event players will have to spend diamonds to acquire their favorite gun skin. One spin will cost the players 20 diamonds. 

Step 3: Players have to keep spinning until they receive their favorite gun skin. If you did not get the skin of your choice you can also use the Universal Tokens in exchange for the skin.

Step 4: To use Universal Tokens you can go to the exchange section in the right corner of the screen. Select the skin of your choice and click exchange. Once this is done the skin shall appear in your account.

The amount of diamonds required to spend and acquire the skins is not definite and can vary from player to player. A player will have to make hundreds of spins to get the skin of their choice. A player either has to keep spinning or obtain a certain amount of Universal Tokens to exchange them for skins.