Free Fire MAX OB36 Patch: What to Expect

Free Fire MAX OB36 Patch: What to Expect

The Free Fire MAX OB36 patch will bring a number of updates to the game including a new character, a new weapon, grenade, a gun skin system, rank protection optimization and a new , the recently released NeXTerra. Along with this, the patch will also bring new cosmetics including skins, emotes, bundles and other items to the in-game store. 

What to expect from the Free Fire MAX OB36 Update

Garena announced the new content coming to Free Fire MAX OB36 in an Instagram post. This includes a new character called Tatsuya. According to the story published on the Free Fire website titled ‘Before the end of night’, Tatsuya is Shirou’s brother. Garena will also be releasing a short film about the brothers titled ‘Double Trouble’ in the coming days. Tatsuya will come with the Rebel Rush ability which will let him run at a much higher speed for 0.5 seconds. Players can use Rebel Rush twice with a 5-second cooldown. The ability comes with a 40-second cooldown. Note that this is tentative information based on information found on the OB36 Advance Server and is subject to change.

Free Fire’s brand new map NeXTerra will be added to the Clash Squad.

Players will also have access to updated territories like the reworked Training Grounds and independent access to Social Island.

OB36 Update Weapon Changes

The update will also introduce the Gloo Melter Grenade which will help take down Gloo walls along with changes to the treatment laser gun, ice gun, shield gun, and the SCAR. The treatment gun now has an increased fire rate but with less flat healing per shot. The cooldown for the gun has also been increased. The ice gun has now been made into a chargeable weapon and players can now add upgrades to the SCAR. The shield gun is getting a reworked model.

The OB36 update is also adding a new gun skin system that will let players get permanent gun skins and a ranked protection system upgrade. Players will get a protection card after ranking up which will stop them from losing stars after a defeat in ranked games.

When is the OB36 update coming to Free Fire MAX?

The OB36 update is expected to go live on 21st September. More details about the new patch will be available in the official patch notes which will likely be released in the next few days.


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