FREE FIRE OB41 Update Release Time is out, Check Details

Garena Free Fire is set to release the OB41 Update today on 10th August 2023. Players can check the Free Fire OB41 Update Release Time here.

FREE FIRE OB41 Update Release Time is out, Check Details

Garena is set to release Free Fire OB41 Update today with a lot of new content, features, character balances, and more. Garena releases Free Fire OB41 Update Patch Notes which give us an overview of upcoming content in the game. Check out the release time below.


Free Fire OB41 Update Patch Notes: CLASH SQUAD

  • Cyber Airdrops will appear in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds of Clash Squad matches.
  • The Cyber Airdrop will be transparent at first and become gradually materialized as you capture it.
  • When transparent, it cannot block bullets, but after materialization, it can act as a barrier.
  • The logic of Cyber Airdrop is similar to Defense Airdrop. Players need to capture the Cyber Airdrop for 10-12 seconds (10s for rounds 3 and 4, 12s for round 5) to unlock it and can obtain weapons, equipment, and Cyber Points.
  • Unlocking the Cyber Airdrop in the 3rd/4th round will earn your team 1 Cyber Point, and unlocking it in the 5th round will earn your team 2 Cyber Points. If there are enemies in the capturing area, you will need to knock down the enemies to gain ownership over the airdrop. The airdrop will ultimately belong to the team of the player who is still standing in the capturing area.
  • In the CS Store, there will be a Cyber Item section. For every Cyber Point the team earns, corresponding items in the section will be unlocked. When a team earns 3 Cyber Points, they will unlock the purchase rights for the M1887-X.



  • Defense Arsenal is now in the In-Match Quests pool. Play Battle Royale matches to get a chance to encounter this quest!
  • In a match that activated this quest, players no longer need keys to unlock the Arsenals.
  • After the quest is activated, Arsenal keys will not be lootable on the map or sold in the vending machines.
  • Players can capture a Defense Arsenal by staying within a certain range around it. When the capturing progress reaches 100%, the arsenal will unlock.
  • Having multiple teammates in the capturing range can accelerate the capturing speed of the arsenal.
  • If enemies enter the capturing range, a dispute will happen and the capturing progress will pause until only one team of players remains in the range.
  • After a successful capture, a UAV will appear on top of the arsenal and scan for nearby enemies for the team.
  • The UAV can be destroyed by enemies, after which the arsenal will no longer have the scanning function.

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