Free Fire Streamer SkyLord Alleges That Players Are Using View Bots to get Brand Sponsorships

Free Fire Streamer SkyLord Alleges That Players Are Using View Bots to get Brand Sponsorships

Popular Free Fire YouTuber Abhiyuday “Skylord” Mishra is one of those who highlight major issues and scams in the Indian Free Fire community. This time, the YouTuber opened up on how some players and tournament organizers add fake views and bot followers on Instagram and YouTube to get brand sponsorships. He said that these scams have been happening in the Indian gaming community for a long time but nobody dares to bring them to the forefront.

Skylord: Brands are being fooled in these number games

Skylord in a recent video talked about how brands are being fooled across Instagram and YouTube by some players and tournament. He said that a few tournament organizers are view-botting their tournaments to increase viewership. However, if you look at the live chat section of that livestream, you’ll find barely 10-20 people spamming the same comments again and again. Skylord mentioned that various techniques are applied to keep the live chat section active for fake viewership, especially during third-party tournaments.

“You must have seen the fight between the fans of two different teams during the third-party tournaments. It is a pre-planned move by the tournament organizers to trigger the fans of different teams by spamming wrong things about them. It helps them to keep the chat active with fake views being already applied to the livestream.” said Skylord.

Skylord urged brands to invest money in players and organizers who have comparatively less viewers or followers but possess an organic fanbase. “It’s better for the brands to invest money on four different influencers that have comparatively less but an organic following instead of those that have high numbers in the form of bots.” said Skylord.

Skylord further mentioned how some players are buying bot followers to attract brand sponsorships. He said he tracked the followers count of some influencers and questioned the absurd increase of followers on a daily basis. According to him, not even India’s biggest gaming creator- Carryminati has this type of growth on Instagram.

Skylord said that these types of strategies do not help in the long run because at some point, brands will become aware of the deception and leave the game and the ecosystem. He further stated that the entire ecosystem of Free Fire Esports is currently dependent on third-party tournaments due to the game being banned in India, and if these corrupt activities continue, legitimate free fire esports players will suffer as a consequence of these antics.


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