Free Fire TRAP Ring Event Leaked: Start Date, Rewards, More

A leaked Instagram post by popular dataminer maaxleakersofc suggests that a new TRAP-themed Ring event will be introduced in select servers of Free Fire. The dataminer has a reputation for leaking upcoming events before their official release, adding credibility to their claims about this Luck Royale. The event is expected to be accessible to players in India and Bangladesh and is likely to begin on 7th July lasting for a few weeks.

Leaked Rewards of Free Fire’s TRAP Ring Event

The leaked video reveals that the TRAP-themed Luck Royale will offer a variety of exclusive cosmetics as part of its prize pool. Some of the collectibles that players can anticipate are listed below.

Similar to previous Ring Luck Royales, participating in this event may require 20 diamonds per spin or 200 diamonds for 11 spins. The leaked video also hints at the availability of Universal Ring Tokens, which can be used to redeem exciting rewards, including the four mentioned bundles.

While the dataminer has been accurate with previous leaks, it’s important to approach these details with caution, as there is a possibility that the Luck Royale may or may not be added to the game. However, players can look forward to the official announcement and release of the event

In Free Fire MAX’s Indian server, there are currently two ongoing Ring-themed events. The first event reintroduces the sought-after Golden Shade Bundle and its accompanying outfits, while the second event features an extensive collection of UZI and M4A1 skins. Both events require players to spend diamonds to obtain items from the prize pool, as there are no free spins available. Players may need to make multiple spins worth thousands of diamonds or gather enough Universal Ring Tokens to redeem the desired items.