Free Fire Winterlands: What Is It? How to Play?

Garena has always put in efforts to make Free Fire exciting and engaging for the players and viewers of the game. There have been several updates and events introduced by Garena to keep its audience engaged. The new Winterlands update in Free Fire has excited the fans as it has brought about a lot of changes in a certain map and also introduced new features and characters.

Free Fire Winterlands update detailed 

The OB42 update in Free Fire has been introduced with a lot of new features, one of them being the Winterlands update. The fan favorite map of Bermuda in Free Fire will now be covered in snow and the Peak location will have gentle snowfall and deeper snowpacks. Players can experience new challenges as new terrain and landscape changes have been made on the map. The water surfaces in the map have also been transformed into ice. 

Free Fire Bermuda Factory roof top

In the battle royale mode players can select the map of Bermuda to experience the Winterlands theme. The Peak location on the map will see snowfall and players will be able to take fights on the roof of the factory building. There are several places in Peak where players were unable to climb, but they can do so now with the help of jumping shoes. The jumping shoes can be purchased from the vending machines available in the map. 

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Bermuda map Winterlands update

The map will have 50 players including you and players will have ten minutes to eliminate the maximum number of enemies and secure the Booyah. Players can also use the new Ignis character, who forms a fire screen that obstructs vision, causing burning damage instantly and over time to enemies who pass through the wall. The wall deals 30 damage when the enemies initially pass through it and 10 damage after that for a few seconds. The enemy’s armor penetration will also be increased by 10%.

The new revamped Guild system in Free Fire gives its players activity points for playing with guild teammates. Players can use the activity points in the exchange store to redeem some amazing rewards.

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Ignis Character wall Ability

The Winterlands update is a great way for players to experience their favorite map of Bermuda in a new form. The new features and characters combined with the Winterland theme will help players progress through ranks quickly.