Free Fire’s Upcoming TRAP Wall Event: Leaked Dates and Exclusive Gloo Wall Skin

In a recent leak by data miner @venom.ofc_, details about an upcoming diamond event in Free Fire have been revealed. This event, known as TRAP Wall, is expected to be introduced during the game’s sixth-anniversary celebrations. Along with various themed rewards, the highlight of the event is the exclusive Gloo Wall skin with special effects. Let’s explore the leaked information regarding this event.

TRAP Wall Event Start Date and Duration

According to the leak, the TRAP Wall event is scheduled to start on July 5, 2023, and will run for one week. Players will have ample time to consider whether they want to spend their diamonds on acquiring the Gloo Wall skin or wait for additional rewards to be added later in the event.

Exclusive Gloo Wall Skin

The leaked banner shared by @venom.ofc_ reveals that the TRAP Wall event will feature the exclusive Gloo Wall skin. Similar to previous events, players will have to choose the correct lock among five options to obtain this coveted skin. The cost of each guess, measured in diamonds, will increase with each attempt. However, players are guaranteed to acquire the skin within five guesses.

Preparation for the TRAP Wall Event

For players from India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers, it is advisable to have sufficient diamonds in their in-game accounts if they wish to add the new Gloo Wall skin to their collections. Keeping in mind that the leaked information is not officially confirmed by Garena, it is essential to stay updated for any potential changes or official announcements.

Anticipation for Free Fire MAX and Other Diamond Events

While the leaked TRAP Wall event generates excitement, Garena has already introduced the MP40 Evo gun skin as part of the ongoing sixth-anniversary celebrations. Players can obtain this skin through the Faded Wheel event, where they need to remove two unnecessary items and make spins. Each spin will require an increasing number of diamonds, with a guaranteed MP40 Chromasonic available for 1082 diamonds or lower, depending on luck.