Friends’ ‘Chandler’ Once Gambled & Won Bruce Willis’ Appearance On The Show, Here’s What The Bet Was!

Friends' Chandler Actor Matthew Perry Won The Bet From Bruce Willis
Friends’ Chandler Actor Matthew Perry Won A Bet From Bruce Willis Which Made Him Appear On The Show ( Photo Credit – IMDb ; Flickr )

Friends series has witnessed many well-renowned Hollywood stars in guest appearances. Amongst many stars, Die Hard actor and Hollywood veteran Bruce Willis was one of them who had a storyline. Throughout the run of ten seasons, the three-episode story arc by Bruce Willis during Friends season 6 was arguably one of the most memorable guest spots.

Bruce played the character of Paul Stevens during his time on the evergreen 90s sitcom Friends. Paul was the over-protective father of Elizabeth, who was the much younger girlfriend of Ross Geller, portrayed by David Schwimmer. However, there was an interesting story behind Willis’ award-winning cameo on the beloved series.

Chandler Bing Actor Matthew Perry worked with Bruce Willis in ‘The Whole Nine Yards’. Willis made a bet on the success of their film and Matthew challenged him to appear on the show if the movie works well at the box office when it was released. Bruce Willis did not have high hopes for the box office performance of their dark comedy film, so he took the bet and lost it.

Interestingly, the movie went on to make $106 million worldwide and become the No. 1 movie in America for three weeks straight which made Bruce Willis appear on Friends. The success of the movie meant the Fortress star had lost. According to the bet, the actor was required to join the series for a short stint to which he agreed.

During the run of the sitcom Friends, it was common for popular celebrities to appear on the show. Most of the well-known faces of the 90s like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Robin Williams were just a handful of popular figures to cameo on the sitcom.

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