FS Esports Will Not Attend Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023 Due to Visa Issues

Team S8UL won the Pokemon Unite India Championship in June. The team played an amazing series against FS Esports, who was the runner up for the tournament. The tournament consisted of 13 teams who fought for the Pokemon Unite India Championship title. Team S8UL and FS Esports got the opportunity to represent India at the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023 which will be held in August in Yokohama, Tokyo. The tournament has a massive prize pool of $500,000 USD.

Unfortunately, FS Esports made an announcement where it informed its fans that the team won’t be traveling to Tokyo for the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023. 

FS Esports faces visa issues

FS Esports was one of the best teams in Pokemon Unite. It went almost unbeaten in the Pokemon Unite India Championship. The only loss for the team in the tournament was against Team S8UL in the Grand Finals .

In a recent announcement made by FS Esports, the team informed its fans that due to visa issues they won’t be traveling to Yokohama, Tokyo for the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023.

Here is the statement released by FS Esports:

“We FS Esports who were the second seed team from the India region and qualified for World Championship Series 2023 Pokemon Unite Japan would like to share the sad news with all our supporters that we aren’t attending the event as our players weren’t able to get the Japan visa on time.

We promise that our comeback will be stronger. Keep supporting us”.

The fans were disappointed as FS Esports had a great chance to test its skills against international teams at the World Series in Tokyo, Japan. This isn’t the first time an Indian team is facing visa issues for an international event. In the past many teams for various titles have not been able to represent India on the global stage for international tournaments due to visa issues. 

The ongoing Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023 will be an amazing tournament as teams from around the world will fight for the massive prize of $500,000. Fans will be rooting for Team S8UL and hoping for them to do well in the tournament.