FwydChickn Hopes to Not Face Blacklist International Right off the Bat at M4

FwydChickn Hopes to Not Face Blacklist International Right off the Bat at M4

The Valley’s EXP Laner Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl shared through a livestream how he hopes to not be matched with Blacklist International in the M4 World Championship right off the bat. The pro player also expressed how he would like to be matched with different teams in the group stage which will definitely be the case because their previous opponents are not participating in the upcoming world series event. While the pro player believes that being matched with Blacklist International would certainly hype up the crowd, he still prefers going up against other teams in the early stages of the M4 World Championship. 

FwydChickn wants to face new teams in the M4 World Championship first

FwydChickn is considered as one of the best EXP Laners in North America (NA). The pro player was a former member of Bloodthirsty Kings (BTK) which dominated NA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournaments before it disbanded.

Through a livestream, FwydChickn revealed that the upcoming M4 World Championship would be more enjoyable for him if his team would go up  against new contenders in the world series event.

“I just hope we don’t get versus [the] teams as last year’s group bracket,” said FwydChickn. “I just hope for a bracket [that’s] different, all different teams ‘cause it will be a lot more exciting that way..”

Based on BTK’s group bracket matchup last year, FwydChickn won’t have to worry about meeting the same teams as last year. The previous M3 World Championship group stage saw BTK going against EVOS Singapore (SG), Natus Vincere (NaVi), and See You Soon. These teams did not qualify for the upcoming world series event.

FwydChickn also mentioned his team’s highly anticipated match against Blacklist International. While he believes this would definitely be a hyped-up moment if they get matched early against the defending champions, the pro player thinks it would be more fun on his part to meet other teams first.

“If we just go versus Blacklist again, right off the bat, sure it’s going to be a rematch game, that’s going to be hype,” explained FwydChickn. “It would just be more entertaining to me to go versus other teams as well.”

The group stage format for the upcoming M4 World Championship is yet to be revealed. It will be interesting to see if The Valley and Blacklist International appear in the same group in the upcoming tournament.


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