FwydChickn Names RRQ and Blacklist as the Teams to Beat in M4 World Championship

The Valley EXP Laner, Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl shared the top two teams he is looking forward to facing in the upcoming . According to him, the Indonesian squad RRQ Hoshi and the defending champion from the Philippines Blacklist International are the only two teams worth beating for him, the rest of the teams don’t matter. FwydChickn clarified that these are the two teams he wants to face but doesn’t reflect how good or bad the other teams are.

The Valley is seeded in Group D alongside potential underdogs such as Team HAQ, S11 Gaming Argentina, and RRQ Akira. The M4 World Championship is set to kick off on 1st January 2023.

Fwdchicken wants to face RRQ Hoshi and Blacklist International at M4 World Championship

The North American (NA) team, The Valley, is among the squads that are considered potential dark horses in the M4 World Championship. The roster is comprised of former members of BloodThirstyKings who shocked the world during the M4 World Championship after sending Blacklist International down to the lower brackets in the playoffs.

One of the team’s EXP Laners, FwydChickn, shared which of the teams he is looking forward to facing in the upcoming tournament through a livestream.

“RRQ [Hoshi] will be number one. After RRQ, probably Blacklist. After Blacklist, I couldn’t care,” he said.

The pro player clarified that he meant the two teams were the ones he wanted to face and didn’t mean to say certain teams are bad or good.Â

“I’m just saying how I really want to go versus them,” FwydChickn stated.

He further explained why he wanted to face Indonesia and the Philippines’ powerhouse squads in the upcoming M4 World Championship.

“Blacklist, obviously, because we lost to them and RRQ because I really wanted to go versus them back in M3, and we didn’t,” said FwydChickn.

The Valley will have to go through the Group Stages before they stand a chance of facing both RRQ Hoshi and Blacklist International in the Knockout Stage brackets. The North American squad is set to face S11 Gaming Argentina on 2nd January 2023.


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