Gambit Marvel Snap Card, Best Decks, and More

Second Dinner’s digital collectible card game Marvel Snap became a huge hit upon release thanks to its pacy gameplay and its representation of Marvel characters. With the last few updates, Marvel Snap has managed to reel in dedicated players and has been the talk of the town with Spotlight Cache and other changes. The game also enables players to use and play different characters from the rich Marvel Universe and it frequently adds hero new cards to the game to keep it dynamic and interesting. 

Gambit (Remy Etienne LeBeau) is associated with the X-Men and has the superhuman ability to mentally create, control, and manipulate pure kinetic energy to his desire. 

Marvel Snap has a Gambit card, and here’s all you need to know about the card’s powers, best decks, and more.

Gambit Card: All You Need to Know

In Marvel Snap, the Gambit card costs 3 energy and has 1 power. The card has the following effect: 

On Reveal: Discard a card from your hand. Destroy a random enemy card. 

Gambit’s card has variants that are part of the Venomized, Rian Gonzales, Hero, Pixel, and Casual categories in the game. Players should note that this particular card has good synergy with Wong, Mystique, Ironheart, Odin, and Zabu.

Currently, the card is part of Series 3 and Collection Level above 486. 

The basic card’s artists are: 

  • Colorist – Ryan Kinnaird

  • Artist – Joverine

Additionally, the card’s abilities are as follows:

Gambit’s stats are also powerful in the game. While it costs 3 energy, the card has 1 power and is part of a collectible.

According to , these are the stats for when the card is played in Marvel Snap:

  • Seen: 2.01%

  • Won when Played: 50.16%

  • Won when Drawn: 50.84%

  • Won in Deck: 50.92%

Gambit’s ability is powerful if you can target a specific card or are lucky enough to be able to hit your opponent’s key combo card.

Best Gambit Card Decks in Marvel Snap

Usually, the best Gambit decks in Marvel Snap are those that make use of his ‘On Reveal’ ability. Unlike other cards in the game that have destroy power, Gambit can destroy any card on the board by simply removing a card from your hand. This makes Gambit truly unique. 

Here are a couple of decks featuring Gambit:

Destroy Everything Deck

According to , the deck has a 50% win rate out of 368 games. The cards featured in this deck are as follows: