Garena Free Fire Max: How to Get Free Diamonds for Elite Pass in March 2022

As long time Garena Free Fire MAX players will know, the game’s premium in-game currency is called Diamonds. These can be used to buy characters like Chrono, K and cool cosmetic items for both your characters or weapons. There are several websites and apps claiming they give you a large number of free diamonds, but using these methods may harm your phone or trick you into giving away personal information. The safest way to get diamonds is to purchase them in-game via the Free Fire MAX app or through trusted third-party sellers like . There are also a few safe ways to get free diamonds for the elite pass in March 2022.

Safe ways to get free diamonds for Elite Pass in March 2022

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app you can download from the Play Store. You can earn Google Play balance through this app by answering surveys from time to time. Players can then use this to top up Free Fire Diamonds. Currently, there is another offer which lets players unlock Joseph for their first Diamond top-up.

Free Fire Giveaways

Players can get Free Fire diamonds for free by participating in in-game events and custom rooms. Many YouTube channels and Instagram pages host giveaways from time to time that include diamonds and several other items like characters and cosmetic items as rewards.

Official Garena and BOOYAH! Events

Free Fire MAX also adds in-game events that allow players to obtain diamonds for free, a few times a month. For example, the ‘Watch Clips to Win,’ hosted by Garena gave away diamonds and Booyah tickets. Garena also hosts drops during many of their events. Players who watch the Free Fire India Championship and Free Fire Pro League may end up getting free diamonds in the drops.

Free Fire diamonds through GTP apps: Privacy and internet safety concerns

Note that there are many applications and websites that let you earn some in-app virtual currency that can be traded for small rupee amounts. Apps like PollPe, Poll Pay and Easy Rewards may let you earn a small amount of real money but end up spamming you with ads and forcing you to download certain games and apps which may be harmful for your phone. Most of these applications also require your email, phone number and a referral code to sign up, making you a potential target for a pyramid scheme.

Your personal information may also be shared with a third party without your knowledge. So while these GTP apps may sound like a dream come true for Free Fire players who want to get Chrono or that latest gun skin, it’s best to avoid them. Only Install apps made by trusted developers.

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