Garena Free Fire MAX OB40 Update Patch Notes are out, FIND OUT Major Highlights

Garena Free Fire MAX OB40 Update Patch Notes are out, FIND OUT Major Highlights – The MAX version of Garena Free Fire…

Garena Free Fire MAX OB40 Update Patch Notes are out, FIND OUT Major Highlights – The MAX version of Garena Free Fire i.e. Free Fire MAX welcomes its OB40 version for its players and this time without any maintenance break. Apart from the common inclusions, gamers will the arrival of a new collaboration with Spider Man, new items, and many more adjustments. For future updates on Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max, follow

The Major Highlights of the OB40 Update is System Achievement, Clash Squad Duo Mode, New Pets, a New Character, and many more.

New System: Achievement

Achievement System Every step you’ve made in Free Fire is worth celebrating.   “Hey, on the occasion of Free Fire’s sixth birthday, we want to thank you for being with us all this time. Do you know? You’ve got so many memories and experiences that are worth telling in Free Fire! And we have recorded all of them in the Achievement system. Check it out now and see what kind of great survivor you have become!” 

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Entrance: Tap on the menu in the bottom left corner of the lobby and tap on “Achievements” to enter. Categories: To acknowledge your work in all areas, achievements are divided into 3 categories – Battle, Collector, and Career.

Stages: Each regular achievement has 3 stages. Satisfying the condition of each stage will unlock the corresponding stage badge and receive corresponding achievement points (and, if applicable, the corresponding reward). Easter Egg: Some achievements will not be displayed in your achievement list until they are obtained. Unlock these surprises as you battle!

Garena Free Fire MAX OB40 Update Patch Notes
Garena Free Fire MAX OB40 Update Patch Notes

Achievement Points: By unlocking achievements, you can accumulate achievement points and earn corresponding rewards based on your overall points.

Data Validity Time: Achievements in the Collector and Career categories will reflect your account history. However, due to fairness reasons, Battle achievements will start counting from the moment the system goes live. As you look back to the magnificent achievements you have accomplished, strive for the even more lofty legends that lie ahead!

 Achievement Titles

Tired of celebrating by yourself? Let your achievements shine for all to see! “Feeling unsatisfied admiring your achievements on your own? Equip titles and share your remarkable accomplishments with your friends!”

How to Obtain:

Certain achievements provide titles as their stage rewards.  Rarity: Currently, there are 3 grades of titles – rare, epic and mythic. The rarity increases in that order, and they come with different colors and designs.

Equip: After obtaining a title, you can select or switch equipped titles from the “Title” section on your profile page. There, you can also view titles yet to be unlocked.

Display: After equipping a title, it will be displayed on your profile page. Additionally, it will appear above your character for a period of time after joining a team and can also be selected and displayed from the wheel menu that appears when tapping your character in the lobby.

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