Garena Free Fire Unban Date: Ministry’s fresh statement on Free Fire Ban, Check OUT

Garena Free Fire Unban Date – Is Garena Getting Unban in India? Garena Free Fire is banned in India since 14th February 2022. Will it again see the light of the DAY? Will it be UNBANNED in India sometime soon? Will MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) reconsider the ban? This is the question every Garena Free Fire Fan is asking in India – but no one has a clear cut answer. Let us give you clarity on the SUBJECT: Follow Garena Free Fire Latest News with InsideSport.IN

InsideSport on Monday reached out to MEITY to check the STATUS of BAN on Garena Free Fire. During a private event, senior MEITY official informed InsideSport – the ban on all 54 Apps with Chinese connect will continue.

“Their is no change in the status of ban. All 54 apps will stay banned” informed the MEITY official.

The statement by MEITY official clearly declares that Garena Free Fire or any other banned app is not getting reinstated anytime soon.

Garena Free Fire Unban Date: Is Garena Free Fire getting UNBAN in INDIA? Check LATEST & Fresh Details from MEITY on Garena UNBAN in India

As a result of the ban, the parent company of the game, SEA LTD has suffered a huge setback in the market value.

It has also withdrawing from India’s retail market just months after starting operations there.

The withdrawal, effective beginning March 29, comes weeks after its e-commerce arm Shopee said it was pulling out of France and after India banned Sea’s popular gaming app “Free Fire”.

Garena Free Fire Unban Date: How far are the players from getting a Free Fire Indian Version, More Details on Free Fire Indian Version
Garena Free Fire Unban Date: How far are the players from getting a Free Fire Indian Version, More Details on Free Fire Indian Version

Why did Shopee Shut DOWN in India?

  • The Shopee’s decision to quit the Indian market comes against the backdrop of the government banning Sea’s gaming app “Free Fire” amid geopolitical tensions with China.
  • The NYSE-listed SEA counts Chinese investor Tencent as a major investor.
  • They had hired around 300 people in India for its e-commerce operations.

“In view of global market uncerta inties, we have decided to close our early-stage Shopee India initiative,” said a spokesperson for SEA.

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Though the official statement by the company says GLOBAL MARKET UNCERTAINTIES as the reason for SHUT-DOWN. The market grapevine says something else.

According to people privy to the developments, government’s scrutiny of Sea’s Free Fire app added to the instability of Shopee’s future in India.

“The parent company was very concerned about the Free Fire Ban in India. The ban was taken into consideration while taking the decision to pull the plug on Shopee”, said a informed source.

Garena Free Fire Ban India: What is the status with current ban, the sequence of events EXPLAINED

Government Crack Down on China Linked Firms: Garena Free Fire, the popular battle royale game, was banned in India on February 14th. The ban came into existence along with 53 other apps by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The app was already missing from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The last statement by Garena came on 15th February. Post that their has been no update by the company on the India situation.

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“We are aware that Free Fire is currently unavailable in the Google Play and IOS app stores in India and that the game is currently not operable for some users in the country,”

Garena said in a statement. “We are working to address this situation, and we apologise to our users for any inconvenience,” it added.

The game currently can’t be played in India officially.

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