Garena Unveils Free Fire MAX Team Up Challenge Event Calendar

In the aftermath of the vibrant 6th Anniversary festivities in Free Fire MAX, Garena is introducing an exciting new addition to the game: the Team Up Challenge. This event promises an array of thrilling activities and opportunities for players to grab various collectibles, including a free gun skin, parachute, and head. To keep players informed and engaged, Garena has released an event calendar that outlines all the upcoming events and their associated rewards.

Event Calendar Unveiled

The event calendar for the Team Up Challenge is now accessible in the events tab of Free Fire MAX. The calendar spans two weeks and features the following events:

  1. Play with Friends – 26th July to 7th August
    Reward: Free AN94 – Bliss Popper gun skin, 3000 gold, and a free Gold Royale Voucher
    Requirement: Play a total of 18 games with friends during the event duration.

  2. Elimination Challenge – 26th July 26 to 31st July 31
    Reward: Free Wasteland Roamer (Head) or Wasteland Wanderer (Head) and gun crates
    Requirement: Eliminate 50 opponents within the specified time frame.

  3. Easier with Friends – 3rd August 3 to 7th August
    Reward: Free parachute skin
    (Requirements to be announced)

  4. Daily Missions – 26th July 26 to 7th August
    Reward: Free Leg Pockets daily
    Requirement: Complete daily missions that refresh at 4 am IST.

Claiming Your Rewards

Each event comes with its specific requirements. For the Play with Friends event, players need to participate in a certain number of games with friends to win a permanent AN94 – Bliss Popper gun skin, along with 3000 gold and a free Gold Royale Voucher. Meanwhile, the Elimination Challenge encourages players to showcase their combat skills by eliminating 50 opponents within the allotted time for a chance to win free gun crates and exclusive head skins.

The Daily Missions offer a simpler way to acquire rewards, with players needing to complete basic missions that refresh daily at 4 am IST. These missions will grant them Leg Pockets for their Loadout.

As for the upcoming Easier with Friends event, further details and requirements will be disclosed as it commences on 3rd August. This event promises to reward participants with a stylish free parachute skin.

Participate in the Team Up Challenge and take advantage of these exciting events to claim your rewards in Free Fire MAX!