Genshin Impact Gathering Stars: All Correct Answers From Part 1 to 6

Genshin Impact Gathering Stars: All Correct Answers From Part 1 to 6

The Gathering Stars event is a part of the main event for the Genshin Impact version 3.6 update titled “A Parade of Providence”. The event lasts for around two weeks and will feature a ton of interesting game modes and prizes for players to collect. The Parade of Providence Genshin Impact event features six sub-events including Gathering of Stars, Project Connectivity, Antiquity Hunt, In Truth’s Steps, Concocted Reaction, and Mimetic Replication. The Genshin Impact Gathering Stars event tasks players with adjusting various sets of rings in order to match the constellation shown on the upper right part of the screen.

How to Solve the Genshin Impact In Gathering Stars Easy

Players should take note that they can solve these puzzles with a little trial and error because the different rings can be operated independently of one another and will glow while displaying a checkmark when they are in the proper position.

You’ll be given a hint after working on a puzzle for a predetermined period of time; to access it, click the magnifying glass next to the objective. This will make the constellation appear over the problem, making it simpler for you to align the stars.

For players who prefer to solve the puzzle as quick as they can, here is how you can solve each puzzle in Genshin Impact Gathering Stars from part 1 to 6.

Part 3 Collage: Rukkshava Mushroom

Part 4 Collage: Sumpter Beast

Part 5 Collage: Padisarah

Part 6 Collage: Divine Tree


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