Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs: Complete Guide to All Recipes

Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs Web Event Guide: How to Get Free Primogems

The Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs web event is currently ongoing. Simply partaking in the event grants players a wealth of important resources such as Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, and more. The Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs is a web event that tasks players with discovering new recipes to unlock rewards. As it is a web event, players will not need to enter the main game to participate. However, a direct connection to the web event can be obtained within the app itself. Before participating in the event, players must be at least Adventure Rank 10. Here is a complete guide to all recipes in the Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs web event.

Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs: All Recipes and How to Craft

There are a total of 16 recipes that players need to discover in order to claim all the rewards in the event. Here is a guide on which ingredients to use for each recipe;

Invigorating Summer Potion

Sweet Bug Bait Potion

Nahida’s Cooling Waterproofer

Calming Oil

Sweet Dreams Sleep Fragrance

Invigorating Cool Mint Drink

Dancing Butterflies Refreshment

Nahida’s Vivifying Forest Essence

Growth Potion: For Plants

Fragrant Balm

Cooling Potion

Energy Booster: Endorsed by the General Mahamatra

Beautifying Oil: For Decoration

Nutrients for Houseplants

Mira-Cure Potion

Cyno’s Wind-Resistant Sunscreen

How to get ingredients for Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs web event

Players can get more ingredients to craft potions by completing the following daily missions;

  • Log in to the web event daily

  • Log in to Genshin Impact daily

  • Use 40 Original Resins daily

  • Explore Genius Invocation TCG Page

After completing a quest, players will receive two random ingredients. These can be obtained by selecting the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.


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