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Genshin Impact Top 8 5-Star DPS Characters: Genshin Impact has been one of the best open-world adventure games for a long time now. The game always surprises the players with new events and a lot of content. Moreover, the developers also keep on adding new map locations with almost every update. And the Genshin Impact 2.4 update is just around the corner. That said, one of the most important things in Genshin is the characters. And these characters are divided into various builds. For example, some characters are support characters while some are DPD characters. These articles will tell you about some of the top DPS Characters.

Genshin Impact Top 8 5-Star DPS Characters after Genshin Impact 2.4 update

Here are the top 8 5-Star DPS Characters in Genshin Impact according to me.

Yoimiya (Pyro – Bow Character): The famous firework manufacturer of Narukami Island. Yoimiya is undoubtedly one of the best Bow characters you’ll ever see. She is having the potential to have very high damage and her Elemental Skill makes her more effective against enemies of elements like Cryo and Electro.

Genshin Impact Top 8 5-Star DPS Characters after Genshin Impact 2.4 update

Ganyu (Cryo – Bow Character): Ganyu is one of the Adepti of Liyue and she has a very high DMG. Ganyu’s Elemental burst deals a lot of Cryo DMG making her a suitable teammate for Pyro characters. Their combination can trigger a Melt reaction, which is one of the most dangerous reactions.

Xiao (Anemo- Polearm Character): Xiao has an extravagantly huge fan following. This is only because of his High DPS Potential and amazing Element Burst. His Elemental Burst lets you deal tons of Anemo DMG that is very useful against enemies with higher HP such as Lawlachurls. And once paired with Zhongli and used correctly, Xiao can annihilate the enemies.

Hutao (Pyro – Polearm Character): Hutao may be a little annoying for the people of Liyue. However, she is at the top of her game while fighting enemies. She undoubtedly deserves to be in the top DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Moreover, her Elemental Burst is just broken. Her elemental burst, if build correctly even has the potential to one-shot World Level 8 Cryo Regisvine.

Eula (Cryo – Claymore Character): An honorary member of the Favonius Knights and one of the most fun to use characters in Genshin Impact right now. Eula got her re-run banner in the 2.3 Genshin Update. Eula is undoubtedly the highest physical damage dealer and her highest damage record is 6 Million. She is doubtlessly worth the Primogems and she will not disappoint you in any way.

Diluc (Pyro- Claymore Character): Diluc is another 5 star Claymore character who is having the potential to be the strongest character in Genshin Impact. Diluc’s Elemental Skill deals tons of Pyro DMG making him a suitable teammate for any Electro character. Apart from that Diluc’s Elemental burst also lets him deal with a lot of Pyro DMG. And the best part about Diluc is that he is in the permanent banner that makes it easier for the players to obtain him and his constellations.

Kamisato Ayaka (Cryo – Sword Character): The Eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan who played a huge role in the protest against the Vision Hunt Decree. Ayaka’s Senho(Sprint) is just so useful in many scenarios. Her Crit Attacks are one of the reasons for her high DMG and her potential to trigger permanent freeze makes her worth wishing for.

Klee(Pyro – Catalyst Character): Klee is just an outstanding pyro character. She can take care of anyone, apart from the enemies who have high Pyro resolution. Her elemental skill is very useful to clear huge enemy hordes with mines and if any opponent is successful in evading her Elemental skill, her elemental burst will do the trick. Klee’s elemental burst summons a unit that keeps on dealing pyro DMG to the enemies. If built correctly, Klee can prove to be very useful in the game’s late domains and higher floors of the Spiral Abyss.

That said, these were some of the best DPS 5-star Characters of Genshin Impact in my opinion. There are a lot of other characters that may prove to be better in DPS if built correctly. However, these are some of the characters who I personally love to use and they deal a lot with “BIG Numbers”. Nevertheless,make sure to comment down and share your favourite 5-star DPS characters. Also make sure to stay tuned with us for daily Genshin Updates, guides, and much more.Read More – Genshin Impact: miHoYo Announced New Outfits for Mona, Jean, Rosaria, and Amber: Check Details

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