GHATAK Remains Confident of GodLike Esports’ BGMI Team

GodLike Esports’ Battlegrounds Mobile India pro Abhijeet Harishchandra “GHATAK” Andhare recently spoke about the poor performance of the organization’s BGMI team due to the suspension of BGMI and the resulting disconnect with the game. GHATAK acknowledged that the team had ups and downs throughout its BGMI and PUBG Mobile journey, but reassured his viewers that as soon as the team receives positive news about the game’s return, the team will return to the level of performance they expect. He also mentioned that the players have resumed their individual practices and it is only a matter of time before they start performing well again.

GHATAK Promises Improved BGMI Team Performance After Game’s Return

After the suspension of BGMI, a lot of professional players, including the players of GodLike Esports, reduced their efforts in practicing the game and stopped playing professional scrims. When the rumors of BGMI’s return started to surface, a lot of teams and players resumed practicing and playing scrims. However, due to the disconnect with the game, their performances were not the same as when they left the game.

In a recent livestream, a viewer suggested GHATAK to focus more on GodLike Esports’ BGMI roster. Responding to this, GHATAK spoke about the poor performance of the organization’s BGMI team, stating that the team has had its ups and downs throughout its BGMI and PUBG Mobile journey. “All of these things will keep happening. In the last four to five years, while our team has played PUBG Mobile and BGMI, we have had our ups and downs. So, don’t worry about all these things,” he said. GHATAK instilled confidence in the team by stating, “As soon as we receive some positive news about the game’s return, you will again get to see the performance that you expect from the team. So, don’t worry.”

GHATAK also added that the players had resumed their individual practices. “Yes, the individual practice they had reduced previously (after the game’s ban), they have started focusing on it again. It will take a little time but they will perform,” he said.

Previously,  for not being as dedicated to the game as they were when they joined the team. He expressed frustration over their lack of focus and practice and said he might have to resort to benching or replacing players who do not work hard. Ghatak said, “Our players are not focussing enough. They have to get back on track. If they don’t get back on track, it will be bad for their future. I have noticed that we are doing a lot of things wrong.” He later added, “If they continue doing the same, I will change the players that I feel are not working hard enough.”


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