Ghatak Urges Orgs to Take Legal Action Instead of “Crying” on Social Media

Amidst the ongoing controversy between TSM India and GodLike Esports in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) community, Abhijeet Harishchandra “GHATAK” Andhare who is a part of GodLike Esports and a former member of TSM Entity, has urged the organizations to handle the matters legally. His response was not taken lightly and it drew the criticism of TSM’s Director of Mobile Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau.

Ghatak seemingly asksTSM to stop “crying all over the internet”

Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar, who was one of the four players who joined TSM’s BGMI roster in July 2021, has joined GodLike Esports. TSM India claimed that the by GodLike Esports and that the move happened unprofessionally. The situation led to an ugly public spat on social media from the player, TSM India and GodLike Esports.

TSM’s Head of Global Social and Community Duncan “DUNC” Cox , “You want to know how WILD esports is in India right now? A team just announced a new player for their BGMI (PUBG Mobile) starting roster, that is still contracted to TSM, without talking to TSM.”

Following this, in a similar vein, Ghatak put out a tweet of his own saying, “You want to know how childish esports is in India right now? An organization is crying all over the internet instead of taking proper legal recourse.”

Soon after Ghatak’s tweet, TSM’s Director of Mobile Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau responded to Ghatak with a screenshot of a conversation between Ghatak and someone else. He said, “Ghatak, who made this decision at GodLike, I would like to know who the decision-maker is and who is responsible so TSM can name that person when we take action. Apparently, you are just a coach with no power or authority at GodLike.”

The screenshot shows someone representing TSM (presumed to be Chau) telling Ghatak that a contracted player cannot register under another team without the current team’s knowledge and permission. The TSM India representative also said that it will bring the matter up with Krafton and the tournament organizer (Nodwin Gaming) for the BGMI Master Series.

Ghatak responded to the message in the screenshot with, “I am not into the management affairs of the company I am just a coach.”

TSM India will allegedly be taking action according to DUNC, who said on Twitter, “We’ll be taking action and hope this never happens again.” If the allegations of poaching are true, GodLike and SHADOW could be in hot water in the future.

Godlike Esports also issued a statement on social media claiming that it does not “abuse players” nor does it resort to “mud slinging” and will respond to “fair approach.” However, the organization did not actually address TSM’s questions about the legality of GodLike esports signing SHADOW.

Now the onus is on tournament organizers like Nodwin Gaming and Krafton India to evaluate the situation and determine if SHADOW’s transfer to GodLike esports is legal and to establish a precedent about these contracts. If a contract has indeed been breached, and the organizers fail to take any action against it, then international organizations may pull their resources from India.


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