Ghostwire: Tokyo – New Bethesda Wall Art Reveals Potential Xbox Release for the PS5 Exclusive Title


Popular PS5 exclusive title Ghostwire: Tokyo might soon make its way to Xbox, after images of Bethesda’s office in London showcased some pretty big confirmations.

The images of the office were found by Twitter user Klobrille from workspace design company Area, whose website featured the now deleted pictures of the interiors in Bethesda’s London office.

The image in question features a large wall art of Ghostwire: Tokyo with a caption on the side that states Xbox Series X|S as one if the platforms you can play the title on.

The Tango Gameworks title originally debuted on PC and PlayStation 5 earlier this year on March 25. The game had been in development before the acquisition of its parent company in ZeniMax Media by Xbox.

Ghostwire: Tokyo had arrived as a console exclusive for the PlayStation 5, as Xbox chief Phil Spencer had confirmed that the acquisition of ZeniMax Media exclusivity wouldn’t affect the deal. Furthermore, it had been stated that the Sony console would have exclusivity rights for just a year, before Xbox can make a play at the title as well.

Trippy imagery from Ghostwire: Tokyo

With the period of exclusivity ending March next year, it’s very likely that The Evil Within developers have plans to make the title available on Xbox Series X|S consoles as well.

For those unfamiliar with Ghostwire: Tokyo, the first-person action-adventure title follows the game’s protagonist Akito as he thwarts off ghosts and spirits haunting the Japanese capital using his powerful arsenal of psychic abilities.

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