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Global Esports’ CEO Believes Valorant Mobile Can Overshadow BGMI’s Craze


Rushindra Sinha, founder and CEO of Global Esports, was recently seen chatting with his audience and answering their questions in a livestream. In it, he revealed that he thinks Valorant Mobile has the potential to become a massive behemoth in the Asian gaming market. The CEO went on to say that the game even has the potential to overshadow the current craze of BGMI in India but claimed that the game would not be released anytime soon.

Rushindra Sinha shares his views on Valorant Mobile

Rushindra Sinha stated that he thinks Valorant Mobile would be a big thing not only in India but throughout Asia. “Valorant Mobile is going to be the biggest thing in Asia when it happens,” he said, adding that it would take time for Valorant Mobile to release.

“Now, when is that going to happen? It will take time, and it is not going to happen anytime soon. Realistically, nothing is going to happen for at least one year. It is unlikely that anything could happen in one year,” he said.

Following this, Sinha expressed that he wants the game to be released as soon as possible but stated that we might only get beta access to the game in the coming year. “We might get beta access to the game, but I don’t think the full release is going to come in the next one year,” he said. He added, “I want it to come today. If it were up to me, I would have released it right now.”

Riot Games officially announced the Valorant Mobile as part of Valorant’s first anniversary celebrations in June 2021. Since then, data miners have managed to leak early gameplay videos, login screens, the lobby menu of the game, and more. Talking about these early leaks, Sinha said that he does not think the game is ready yet. “I don’t know if it is there yet; I don’t know if it is ready yet. I have seen the early versions of it, that’s why I am saying I don’t know if it is ready yet. I hope it will be released soon,” he said.

Another viewer asked Sinha whether Valorant Mobile can cross the current craze of BGMI in India. He replied, “Two hundred percent. It has the potential to cross it when it comes. But it is not going to come anytime soon, it will take time.”

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