Global Esports CEO Expresses Doubts for the Future of Mobile Esports in India


Global Esports’ CEO Rushindra Sinha recently took to Twitter to express his doubts about the future of mobile esports in India. He questioned the viability of holding onto rosters for popular mobile games such as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and New State Mobile, citing the recent troubles the scene has faced. He stated that the organization was not exiting mobile esports but would jump back in after BGMI’s potential return. He further highlighted that PUBG Mobile and BGMI have been unavailable longer than they were available.

Global Esports might step down from BGMI

The government of India suspended BGMI in July 2022, which is still unavailable, leaving esports teams and players in a state of uncertainty. Similarly, despite a surge in tournaments for New State Mobile in the last few months, the esports scene for the game has become relatively stagnant. Notably, there have also been numerous rumors about BGMI’s potential return in the upcoming months. However, the source of the rumors and their reliability is unknown.

Meanwhile, Riots Games’ popular PC title Valorant has seen a massive increase in popularity in India. With Global Esports securing a franchise slot in the Valorant International League, the involvement of the Indian audience in the game has exponentially increased. 

In a recent Twitter thread, Sinha expressed his personal belief that it might not be worth holding onto rosters for BGMI and New State Mobile in light of recent events. However, one Twitter user was quick to respond, accusing Sinha of not wanting mobile games to grow in the country. The user pointed out that Valorant is currently booming in India, and Sinha should not spread negativity about BGMI when there is positive news about its return.

Sinha was quick to clarify that he has no intention of exiting mobile esports altogether. He confirmed he was happy to jump back in once BGMI returns to the market. He further highlighted that PUBG Mobile was banned for almost three years after only two years of being in the market. BGMI has already been banned for the last eight months, implying that the games were unavailable for more time than they were available.

The uncertainty around the future of mobile esports in India has been a cause for concern for many esports organizations and players. With the suspension on BGMI still in place and no clarity on when it will be lifted, organizations and players are clinging to hope but are unsure how to proceed. In the absence of BGMI, many have turned to other games, like New State Mobile and Pokemon Unite. 

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