Global Esports CEO Weighs in on the Current State of Mobile Esports in India


Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha recently expressed his concerns about the current state of the mobile esports industry in India. Despite having a significant viewership, the industry is facing several challenges that make it difficult to establish a stable foothold. Sinha believes that mobile esports is not a sustainable business in India and has outlined the challenges faced by the industry, including the ban of popular games like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire, as well as the lack of structure and sustainability. He added that the stakeholders from the industry need to work together to overcome them.

Sinha believes that mobile esports is not a sustainable business in India

In a recent Twitter thread, Sinha highlighted that although mobile esports in India may have a significant viewership, it is not a sustainable business, particularly with respect to esports, as opposed to content creation. Sinha went on to highlight the challenges faced by the industry, including the ban of PUBG Mobile, BGMI, Free Fire and more, and the lack of structure or sustainability, resulting in a situation that he likened to the Wild West with an absence of structure and sustainability, making it difficult for mobile esports in India to establish a stable foothold in the industry.

Sinha acknowledged that while there are challenges facing the industry, it also presents an opportunity for disruption and innovation. According to Sinha, mobile esports in India is ripe for disruption and is open to new opportunities like never before. He went on to say that his company – Global Esports – will be taking a new approach to mobile esports in the coming months, building on their experience and knowledge from the last two decades to create something sustainable.

Sinha added that he had discussed the issues with all the stakeholders in the industry, including publishers, tournament organizers (TOs), esports organizations, professionals, and brands. According to Sinha, everyone involved in the industry is working towards fixing the issues, but they are unsure how to do so effectively. He acknowledged that there are challenges in creating a sustainable business model for mobile esports in India, and it will take a collaborative effort to address them.

2022 was a challenging year for the Indian mobile gaming industry, as two of the most popular mobile games, BGMI and Free Fire, were banned. However, on the bright side, New State Mobile and Pokemon Unite picked up the pace and attracted a massive amount of audience during this period. With the industry stakeholders working together, it will be exciting to see what changes we will get to see.

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