Goblin Explains Why He Does Not Play Games Other Than BGMI

Goblin Explains Why He Does Not Play Games Other Than BGMI

In a recent livestream, Team SouL’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal was playing BGMI. During this session, while responding to one of his viewers, he stated that he thinks when BGMI returns this time, it will quickly gain popularity after its first LAN event. He also revealed why he does not play games other than BGMI, even though the game is still unavailable in the country.

Goblin states he wants to win a trophy after BGMI returnsĀ 

One of Goblin’s viewers asked him whether BGMI was dead in terms of the fanbase. Responding to this, Goblin denied it and said that the game was not dead. Following this, he stated that once the game returns, it will explode in popularity. He expressed that the game is not banned; it is just suspended. “When the game returns, it will boom. I think this time its popularity will increase even more than before, and its hype will also increase a lot,” he added.

The government of India suspended BGMI under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000 in July 2022. Since then, although the game is available to play, many professional players have either stopped playing BGMI or played other games with it as well. However, Goblin has stuck only to BGMI even during its suspension. Hence, one of his viewers asked him why he was still completely focusing on BGMI and not playing any other games at all. Responding to this query, Goblin states, “The only reason why I am not playing other games is because my main focus is BGMI. If I lose touch with the game, it will be tough for me. My aim is to win a trophy.” He added, “If I lose touch with the game, other Tier-1 (T1) players will get better than me, and I don’t want that to happen.”

It has been almost five months since the government of India removed BGMI from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store and suspended it. However, there’s still no clear indication from the game’s publisher Krafton about its return. Although it has stated twice that it is actively working to resume BGMI services in India, it has not explained the current state of the game. Recently, there has been a lot of positive news surrounding the game, but without an official announcement, the fans are losing hope.


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