God of War: Ragnarok Developers May Have Missed Out on Crediting Everyone Who Worked on the Game


Sony Santa Monica may not have credited a former intern for her work on God of War Ragnarok.

Composer Jessica Mao shared her story on Twitter stating that she worked on some scenes of the game but did not receive any credit for it from the studio.

“I worked on the editing/arrangement/implementation of the Freya chase scene and Thor boss fight music,” she wrote on Twitter.

In the Twitter thread, Mao also added that she was told her name can’t be added to the credits in a patch update. “I was told that to be credited, my contribution to the game must hit some “minimum criteria,” hence my tweet from Monday. Still not sure what this criteria could be…”

Sony Santa Monica’s audio technical designer responds

Mao then added that it was “incredibly disappointing” and “discouraging” for her to learn about this. She urged game developers to credit everyone who participates in game development.

Sony Santa Monica’s senior audio technical designer Sean LaValle responded to Mao’s Twitter post, stating that he was sorry to hear about this. “I fully agree everyone who contributed to a project should be credited,” he wrote. “It may indeed be too late but I will definitely ask about this.”

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