God of War Ragnarok Developers Miffed by Gameplay Leaks and Retailers Selling Copies of the Title Early


The developers of the long-awaited sequel to God of War are disappointed by early leaks leading up to the game’s release on November 9.

Cory Barlog, who directed the first title of the Norse series, took to Twitter to voice his concerns following reports of retailers selling copies to players days before its intended release.

Barlog further tweeted that the news has massively affected the morale of the team at Santa Monica Studio, two weeks before all their hard work was meant to pay off with the launch of God of War Ragnarok.

With the title released nearly two weeks early, players are now at risk of being spoiled with gameplay and plot details even before God of War Ragnarok officially launches around the world.

To combat this, the developers at Santa Monica Studio have issued a warning to fans of the series to be aware of potential spoilers on social media platforms. Furthermore, they have also requested users with access to the title to refrain from posting any details about the game, which can ruin the experience for the community, who have waited for four years for the sequel’s release.

Santa Monica Studio has mentioned that players might want to stop following any hashtags or keywords associated with God of War Ragnarok. However, these leaks can still seep through the cracks, and it’s better to be wary about them on social media platforms like Twitter.

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