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God of War Ragnarok Explains All Enhancements From Combat to Enemy AI in New Trailer; Game Promotions Appear on Mumbai Metro and More


God of War: Ragnarok is all set to arrive on November 9, 2022 and it is easily the most hyped title of this year. We have a review in the works for the game, stay tuned to check out how it has performed. Through a new trailer we have learned how combat and enemies have been enhanced for the latest title. Combat is the crux of the God of War franchise, and they have been exceeding expectations with every title, players are keen to learn about the changes for these factors for the latest entry.

The development team for combat, gameplay and VFX were kind enough to share more details about how combat will work in the new title. They also shared about their progress and experience of developing the best kind of combat experience for the players. Moreover, the developers have understood the player’s need for more mini-bosses and other big creatures in the game, as we didn’t see many in the 2018 iteration.

That is why this time around, players will have more options to play around with. As Kratos and Atreus will be able to travel to all the 9 realms in this game, each realm will have its own theme of enemies and bosses. Atreus has gone through many changes too as he has grown in age, in the upcoming title he will be more engaging in battle, in trying to prove his mettle to his father.

Kratos will also feel more in tune with his God of War self with new abilities and combos that are being introduced. Through these enhancements, the players can have a unique playstyle while taking on some of the most gruesome enemies. Additionally, they have also introduced new types of shield that players can choose according to their playstyle, they can choose between a parrying dominant style or a blocking dominant style.

The developers have also enhanced the finisher animations, through which Kratos absolutely decimates his foes. Another new combat style that has been added is free fall attacks, wherein Kratos will be able to launch attacks while jumping towards an enemy. Kratos and Atreus will be fighting a lot more collaboratively this time around. Seeing all the new enhancements, players cannot wait to get into the new game.

In other news, God of War Ragnarok promotions have made their way to Mumbai, India. Through a Reddit post, we have learned that the Mumbai Metro is now sporting a God of War Ragnarok decal, with its release date showcased for the people to see. Check out this artwork looks like on in the post embedded below:

Additionally, we have learned more about squeeze-throughs in God of War Ragnarok. In a recent tweet posted by games reporter Gene Park, it was stated that Santa Monica developers weren’t too happy about characterising shimmies as loading screens. To which Kurt Margenau, Game director for various projects, stated that squeeze-throughs are used by developers to valve the player into the next section and prevent them from moving backwards. Check out the conversation in the thread below:

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